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How big is Native Instruments MASSIVE?

How big is Native Instruments MASSIVE?


Product type: KOMPLETE Instrument
Number of presets: 600
Sound categories: All
Download size: 846 MB

How much does MASSIVE VST cost?

The complete edition of Massive X is available for $199, though existing owners of Massive can upgrade for $149. If you already own Komplete 12, you’ll be able to download Massive X for free through Native Access.

Is MASSIVE a good VST?

Simply put, Massive was an outdated synth, lacked a good graphical interface and Serum’s feature set not only superseded the technology but also you could literally use the Massive wavetables inside the synth. You had no reason to use Massive unless you were used to it.

Do you need Kontakt for MASSIVE?

MASSIVE X is a VST, AU, AAX instrument, it doesn’t run in REAKTOR or KONTAKT.

What is better serum or massive?

Massive has 3 main oscillators with full manipulative capabilities, as well as a noise oscillator. Serum offers 2 main oscillators will full manipulation & one sub-oscillator. Immediately Massive comes up the winner here.

Does komplete include massive?

Your KOMPLETE bundle includes a series of Expansions. These offer additional sound content for the KOMPLETE KONTROL software and select instruments such as MASSIVE, MONARK, PRISM, and more.

Which is better serum or massive?

Does Massive come with komplete?

Is Massive better than serum?

Do people still use massive?

Massive is still a great synth and worth to use. And it also has a different sound and also a different gui/layout/functions wich guides you to different sounds in my opinion. And of course also the vast amount of free and paid patches available for massive is a argument for it for some people.

Is Serum better than massive?

Is massive like serum?

Serum is a dedicated wavetable synthesizer but Massive is closer to a general subtractive synth. Massive does not allow custom wavetables, but Serum has many features for crafting your own from scratch. The newer Massive X on the other hand is much more geared towards wavetables.