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Has Storm got married?

Has Storm got married?

On 30 October 2020, Huntley announced her engagement to Kerr Okan, lead singer of the rock band The LaFontaines. They married on 2 September 2021 on the banks of Loch Lomond in Scotland.

Who is Jeremy Vine’s assistant?

STORM Huntley has returned to presenting duties on Jeremy Vine this morning. The Scots presenter, who co-hosts the Jeremy Vine show on Channel 5, had vanished from screens this week. Storm, who is pregnant with her first child, posted a selfie on Twitter with her hair in rollers as she prepared for her return.

Who is the presenter on Jeremy Vine today?

Storm Huntley
This role is currently performed by Storm Huntley, who previously worked on The Wright Stuff and was carried over to Jeremy Vine. Since 2020, the co-host has returned to the booth due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

What age is storm Huntley?

35 years (February 24, 1987)Storm Huntley / Age

Who is Storm’s husband?

Kerr Okan
Glasgow-born Storm, 35, took to social media to share a cute post to her partner Kerr Okan, the frontman of indie band The La Fontaines. The Scots power couple got married last year after getting engaged in 2020 and appear as loved-up as ever.

Is Storm Huntley on honeymoon?

Jeremy Vine presenter Storm Huntley shared a sweet social media update as her husband looks through their honeymoon photos to make a video. Storm, 35, tied the knot with her LaFontaines frontman husband Kerr Okan last September, before the two jetted off to the Maldives for their honeymoon in October.

Who is the woman with Jeremy Vine on Gogglebox?

Snoochie Shy is letting fans have a glimpse into her personal life on I’m A Celebrity. One person viewers already know she is besties with is broadcaster Jeremy Vine.

Who is Storm engaged?

Who is Henry Bonsu?

Henry Bonsu is a broadcaster and conference host of Ghanaian-British origin. A graduate of Magdalen College Oxford, he has worked on many BBC programmes, including Radio 4’s Today, BBC London 94.9, and BBC2’s Black Britain.

When did Storm get married?

Storm and Kerr got wed in September 2021, with the pair saying “I Do” in a beautiful ceremony in Loch Loman, Scotland. At the private ceremony, Carol Smillie was the couple’s celebrant.

Who married storm?

After 90% of the mutants of the world lose their powers, Storm leaves the X-Men to go to Africa. She rekindles her relationship with T’Challa, now a superhero known as Black Panther, marries him, and becomes the queen of the kingdom of Wakanda.