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Does the examiner still exist?

Does the examiner still exist?

The Examiner is a daily newspaper, Tuesday through Saturday, serving Eastern Jackson County, Mo. Since 1898, The Examiner has been covering Eastern Jackson …

How often do examiners come out?

Examiner Media quickly grew from publishing a single newspaper circulating 2,000 copies a week into a chain of four weeklies distributing more than 25,000 copies every Tuesday, reaching approximately 100,000 readers each week.

Who owns the Independence Examiner newspaper?

The Examiner is the daily newspaper of eastern Jackson County, Missouri, including Independence, Blue Springs and Grain Valley….The Examiner (Missouri)

Type Daily
Owner(s) Gannett
Publisher Julie Moreno
Editor Jeff Fox
Founded February 19, 1898, as The Jackson Examiner

When did the Herald Examiner close?

November 2, 1989
On November 2, 1989, the Los Angeles Herald Examiner newspaper, which at one time boasted the largest afternoon circulation of any paper in the U.S., ceased publication after 86 years.

Where is the Herald Examiner building?

downtown Los Angeles
For more than a century, the Herald Examiner Building has been a gasp-inducing fa├žade holding court on the southern edge of downtown Los Angeles.

What happened to the Herald Examiner?

The newspaper folded in 1989, and the property became a popular filming location for cop shows, sitcoms and movies. Restored chandeliers from molds of the originals hang in the historic lobby of the Herald Examiner Building in downtown L.A. New York developer Georgetown Co.

Who owns the Herald Examiner building?

The Georgetown Company As owner/ developer and development manager, The Georgetown Co. and its principals have developed, owned and overseen in excess of 20,000,000 square feet of office, residential, retail and recreational properties, and currently have over $3 billion in assets under management.