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Does Sting play the lute?

Does Sting play the lute?

Sting’s Lute Album A Labor Of ‘Love’ – Billboard.

Can she excuse my wrongs meaning?

The song has been interpreted as recording the poet’s feelings of exile and alienation, after being banished from court to the countryside, presumably having fallen from favour with Elizabeth I.

What very popular renaissance stringed instrument is featured in this video song Come Again sweet love by John Dowland performed by Sting?

The piece is often performed as a lute song by soloist and lute, but, like other songs in the First Booke, it is printed in a format that can also be performed as a madrigal by a small vocal group (typically SATB).

When was Come Again Sweet Love composed?

Come Again, Sweet Love Doth Now Invite – Composed By John Dowland (1563 – buried 20 February 1626), Arranged for Brass Quintet By Dean W. Smith. John Dowland was an English Renaissance composer, singer, and lutenist.

What did Sting do with John Dowland?

In October 2006, Sting, who says he has been fascinated by the music of John Dowland for 25 years, released an album featuring Dowland’s songs titled Songs from the Labyrinth, on Deutsche Grammophon, in collaboration with Edin Karamazov on lute and archlute. They described their treatment of Dowland’s work in a Great Performances appearance.

Why is sting so attracted to Dowland’s songs?

Dowland created some of the most potent melancholy in all of musical history; the deep emotions and dark beauty of songs like ‘Flow, My Tears’ or ‘Come, Heavy Sleep’ communicate themselves very clearly to a contemporary audience, and there’s no cause to wonder at Sting’s attraction to them.

How did Sting get the nickname Sting?

Soon Sting started to play with local jazz bands. He was usually wearing sweater with a black and yellow stripes while performing onstage, so his friends gave him a nickname «Sting». In 1977, singer formed The Police together with Stewart Copeland and Henry Padovani.

What does Sting sound like on Flow my Tears?

Sting’s distinctive voice melds smoothly into an old-fashioned rendering of a song such as ‘Clear or Cloudy’. However, he also stretches himself on Dowland’s most famous song, ‘Flow My Tears’. Who thought Sting could sound like anything but Sting?