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Does Nina Dobrev wear a wig when she plays Katherine?

Does Nina Dobrev wear a wig when she plays Katherine?

It might seem minor, but something odd you may have never known was that Nina Dobrev’s hair during her run on the show was fake. Not all of it of course, but she wore wigs in her dual roles of Elena and Katherine.

Why did Nina Dobrev change her name?

If you didn’t already know, Nina Dobrev was born Nikolina Konstantinova Dobreva in Sofia, Bulgaria (via Yahoo!). The actress decided to change her name when she began acting because she thought Nina Dobrev would be easier for fans to remember and pronounce (via More).

What language does Nina Dobrev speak?

Nina Dobrev/Languages
Personal life. Dobrev is a dual citizen of Canada and Bulgaria. She speaks fluent English and Bulgarian, and is conversant in French. While filming The Vampire Diaries, she lived in Atlanta but moved to Los Angeles after leaving the series in 2015.

Does Ian still love Nina?

Nina Dobrev is good friends with Ian Somerhalder’s wife (and she doesn’t think it’s weird) Both Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder have moved on in their personal lives. Ian married Twilight star Nikki Reed in 2015, according to Brides.

Who played Elena in Season 8?

Nina Dobrev played Katherine Pierce and Elena Gilbert again in ‘The Vampire Diaries’ Season 8.

Is Nina Dobrev a mom?

Michaela ConstantineNina Dobrev / Mother

Is Nina Dobrev vegan?

Nina Dobrev isn’t a vegan, though she’d like to be. Concerns over the how unsustainable the fishing industry is have impacted Dobrev’s dietary choices when it comes to seafood.

What did Nina Dobrev say about Ian Somerhalder?

In the November 2012 issue of Self magazine, Nina Dobrev told readers and her fans what she required of Ian Somerhalder before they officially became a couple. “He has to be a happy person,” she said is her relationship requirement. Did he make her happy? He sure did: “You’ll laugh and enjoy life more,” she said.

Did Ian Somerhalder cheat on Nikki Dobrev with Nikki Reed?

Despite the obvious adoration Somerhalder felt for Reed, rumors that he was back with Dobrev or was cheating on Reed with Dobrev continued for a time after the marriage. The Christian Post claimed Ian and Nikki weren’t “having a great time together” since the wedding.

What happened to Somerhalder and Dobrev on the Vampire Diaries?

This, and the fact Dobrev was probably coming back to The Vampire Diaries at the time, sparked rumors that Somerhalder had fled back to the arms of Dobrev. It didn’t help that fans were upset when Dobrev left the show (many thought it was because of their breakup) and were equally upset when Somerhalder announced his relationship with Nikki.

What did Nina Dobrev do before ‘the Vampire Diaries’?

“You should always be with the people who make you feel happiest.” Before The Vampire Diaries, Nina Dobrev had been in a number of television films and had been in a total of 52 episodes of Degrassi: The Next Generation. Already a young star, Dobrev was doing interviews for major teen magazines like Seventeen.