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Does musicMagpie pay what they say?

Does musicMagpie pay what they say?

We will pay you the full amount quoted or send your Tech back for FREE… that’s a promise! Here at musicMagpie, we know just how important it is to our customers that they get the best price for their stuff.

Is musicMagpie trustworthy?

musicMagpie is the UK’s most trusted mobile recycling service, with a 5 star rating on Trustpilot and a 95% rating on Feefo. That’s based on over 100,000 verified reviews from happy customers who’ve used our service to turn their Mobile Phones, Tech, CDs, DVDs, Games & Books into cash!

How fast does musicMagpie pay?

SmartDROP Kiosk payments will be made on the same day the phone is processed (please allow up to 20 minutes after order completion for payment using the Kiosk to appear).

Do musicMagpie send you a box?

We don’t supply boxes or packaging, so you’ll have to source a box to send us your order – any box will do!

Do MusicMagpie return rejected items?

If an individual Media item is rejected and was valued at £15 or more, we’ll return the item back to you free of charge. Any rejected Media items valued less than £15 will be recycled responsibly. You can view the rejected items directly from My Account and viewing your order history.

Does MusicMagpie pay same day?

We’re delighted to introduce Fast Same Day Payments for all orders! When you place an order with musicMagpie from now on, we’ll issue payment on the same day we receive your stuff. If you choose to get paid by bank transfer, your cash will clear in your account on the next working day.

Where is MusicMagpie based?


Type Private company
Headquarters Stockport & Macclesfield
Area served Worldwide
Key people Steve Oliver, Walter Gleeson
Services Online shopping

Which is the best company to sell CDs to?

These are the best places to sell DVDs, CDs, games and books online:

  • musicMagpie. Accepts: CDs, DVDs, games and books.
  • CeX. Accepts: CDs, DVDs and Games.
  • WeBuyBooks. Accepts: CDs, DVDs, Books and Games.
  • GameXchange. Accepts: Games and DVDs.
  • eBay. Accepts: CDs, DVDs, Books and Games.
  • Amazon Marketplace.
  • Ziffit.

How do MusicMagpie pay you?

It’s simple: we pay on the same day we receive your items, and your cash will be in your bank account and ready to spend the next working day! It’s a safe and easy payday loan alternative, plus you’ll be well on your way to clutter free home!

Is it free to post to MusicMagpie?

All of our send options are completely FREE and fully insured! When completing your order, you’ll be offered the relevant option based on the contents of your order.

How do music magpie pay you?

Will MusicMagpie accept broken cases?

If the cover and / or sleeve notes OR the disk are irretrievably damaged and cannot be refurbished e.g. the disk is cracked or very badly scratched or the cover and / or sleeve notes are water damaged, ripped or torn. If the cover, the disc artwork and/or the sleeve notes are defaced in any way.