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Does Medicare accept modifier XS?

Does Medicare accept modifier XS?

Medicare recently announced they’ve established four new modifiers – XE, XS, XP, and XU – that may be used in lieu of modifier 59.

Can modifier 59 and Xs be used together?

A. Modifier 59 should not be used when one of the -X{EPSU} modifiers describes the reason for the distinct procedural service. The -X{EPSU} modifiers are more specific versions of the -59 modifier. It is not appropriate to bill both modifier 59 and a -X{EPSU} modifier on the same line.

When should Xu modifier be used?

Examples of the appropriate use of modifiers XE, XP, XS, XU, or 59:

Modifier to use: Rationale
XU versus 59 Depending upon your specific circumstances XU or 59 may be most appropriate.
59 Same encounter Same organ system and/or structure (skin) Different lesions.

What is XE modifier used for?

XE – “Separate encounter, A service that is distinct because it occurred during a separate encounter” This modifier should only be used to describe separate encounters on the same date of service.

What is the modifier Xu mean?

unusual non-overlapping service
Description. HCPCS Modifier XU — unusual non-overlapping service, the use of a service that is distinct because it does not overlap usual components of the main service. Guidelines and Instructions. HCPCS modifier XU indicates that a service is distinct because it does not overlap usual components of the main service.

When should modifier 59 be used?

Modifier 59 should be used to distinguish a different session or patient encounter, or a different procedure or surgery, or a different anatomical site, or a separate injury. It should also be used when an intravenous (IV) protocol calls for two separate IV sites.

What is an Xs modifier?

Modifiers 59 or –XS are for surgical procedures, non-surgical therapeutic procedures, or diagnostic. procedures that: • Are performed at different anatomic sites, • Aren’t ordinarily performed or encountered on the same day, and.

What is the difference between modifier Xu and Xs?

Modifier XS Separate structure – A service that is distinct because it was performed on a separate organ/structure. Modifier XU Unusual non-overlapping service – The use of a service that is distinct because it does not overlap usual components of the main service.

What are modifiers Xs and Xu?

When should a 25 modifier be used?

The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) definition of Modifier 25 is as follows: Modifier 25 – this Modifier is used to report an Evaluation and Management (E/M) service on a day when another service was provided to the patient by the same physician or other qualified health care professional.

When to use XE, XP, XS, Xu modifiers?

Definitions. A two-position numeric code that indicates a procedure or service is distinct or independent from other non-Evaluation and Management (E&M) services performed on the same day.

  • Policy statement. Codes submitted with modifier 59,XE,XP,XS,or XU attached are considered appropriate coding to the extent they comply with the above definitions.
  • References. American Medical Association. Appendix A – Modifiers. Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) Chicago: AMA Press 2013.
  • When to use Xu modifier and examples?

    before the next service begins), you may use modifiers 59 or –XE to identify the services. (See example 9 below.) B. Using modifiers 59 or –XU properly for a diagnostic procedure which is performed before a therapeutic procedure only when the diagnostic procedure is the basis for performing the therapeutic procedure.

    What is the difference between a 51 and 59 modifier?

    While modifier 51 and 59 both apply to additional procedures performed on the same date of service as the primary procedure, modifier 51 differs from modifier 59 in that it applies to procedures that may be more commonly expected to be performed during the same session. Like modifier 51, modifier 59 should not be applied to an E/M service.

    Which modifier goes first 79 or 59?

    If you have two pricing modifiers, the most common scenario is likely to involve 26 and another modifier. Always add 26 before any other modifier. If you have two payment modifiers, a common one is 51 and 59, enter 59 in the first position. If 51 and 78, enter 78 in the first position.