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Does Lyon like Meredy?

Does Lyon like Meredy?

Relationship. While not seen with much interaction, the two know of and are aquatinted with one another. Lyon has once commented that Meredy is “cute”.

How old is Meredy?

Meredy Milkovich (Damon)

Meredy Milkovich
Race Human
Birthdate X771, February 14th
Gender Female
Age 13 (Pre-TS), 20 (Post-TS) 23 (Breakdown), 30 (Uprising)

Who is Juvias bestfriend?

Juvia and Meredy is a friendship between Fairy Tail Mage, Juvia Lockser, and Crime Sorcière Mage, Meredy.

Who married Lyon?

Andre Lyon (Empire)

Brothers Jamal Lyon Hakeem Lyon
Half-brothers Jeff Kingsley
Spouse Rhonda Lyon (deceased) Teri Brooks
Children Walker Lyon

Are Lyon and gray friends?

Lyon is Gray’s long time rival. Both were friends and pupils of Ur, their master, but after her death, their friendship ended. It was only rebuilt after the events of the Galuna Island Arc. As Ur’s pupils, despite some differences in their personalities, Gray and Lyon were friends.

Is Ultear in love with Meredy?

She finally admits her wrongdoings and confesses her feelings for Meredy, and once forgiven they embrace in mutual love for each other, marking the change in Ultear for the better.

Who defeated Meredy?

That is Juvia’s true power. After knocking down Meredy with a water punch, Juvia asks Erza to leave Meredy to her and that she has to go find Wendy and Gray. Erza requips into her previous bikini and prepares to leave. Meredy attempts to chase after her but Juvia smashes Meredy between two waves.

Who is gajeel’s best friend?

Gajeel and Juvia is a friendship between Fairy Tail Mages, Gajeel Redfox and Juvia Lockser.