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Does Lowes own Stainmaster carpet?

Does Lowes own Stainmaster carpet?

MOORESVILLE, N.C. , April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Lowe’s Companies, Inc. (NYSE: LOW) today announced it acquired the STAINMASTER brand, the most recognized and trusted carpet brand on the market today, advancing the home improvement retailer’s Total Home strategy.

Is Stainmaster a good brand of carpet?

In the carpet world, Stainmaster is known as a high-quality carpet brand. It is known for its vivid color, plush texture, and most of all for its stain resistant capabilities. Since it is a well-known high-quality brand, Stainmaster will cost more than other brands of carpet.

Who is Stainmaster owned by?

Mooresville, N.C., April 22, 2021–Lowe’s announced today its acquisition of the 35-year-old Stainmaster brand, the most recognized carpet brand. The Stainmaster brand first rose to fame in the market thanks to an unprecedented $85 million, three-year advertising campaign by DuPont that started in 1986.

Who is Stainmaster carpet made by?

In 1986, the Stainmaster brand was introduced by Dupont. From day one, they revolutionized the carpet industry with a familiar stain-resistant technology that had never before been available in carpet. Recently the brand has been passed on to Lowes.

Did Stainmaster go out of business?

Invista, long associated with the venerable Stainmaster brand, has sold the brand, along with certain associated assets, to Lowe’s, effective April 21, 2021. The purchase includes all brand-related intellectual property from its parent company, Invista, and all related trademarks and sub-brands.

Where is Stainmaster carpet manufactured?

The majority of Stainmaster carpets are made within Dalton, Georgia, which has been dubbed the ‘Carpet Capital of the World’ due to their manufacturing credentials.

Is Stainmaster carpet nylon or polyester?

nylon fiber
You might remember the name STAINMASTER™ as a carpet. Well, STAINMASTER™ was simply the brand name for the highest quality nylon fiber in the marketplace. Most (if not all) STAINMASTER™ carpets are made of their proprietary nylon fiber.

Does Shaw make Stainmaster carpet?

Shaw STAINMASTER Multiple Nylon Cut and Loop Carpet Sample.

Who makes carpet for Lowes?

Carpet mills that are producing the carpet for Lowe’s under a license agreement are Dixie, Mohawk, Phenix and Shaw. According to a news release from Invista, “Consumers can expect to see expanded carpet fiber types under the Stainmaster brand offering great value for a wide variety of needs.”

Does Stainmaster carpet contain Pfas?

Invista, parent company of Stainmaster carpet fiber, announced they discontinued PFAS in December 2018 with no effect on the performance of the product. In addition, 3M made Scotchgard rug and carpet protector will have new chemistry, effective January 2020, that will contain no PFOAs.

Is Stainmaster a Shaw carpet?

Shaw Carpet Brand They incorporate different technology such as All Nylon and All Polyester, Anso Nylon, ClearTouch Polyester, R2X Nylon, and Stainmaster Nylon. The Bellera collection is a hot cake in their carpet market.

What material is Stainmaster carpet made from?

Nylon 6.6
Stainmaster uses one of the highest quality materials for its carpeting, Nylon 6.6. It’s reinforced with Teflon – yes, that’s the same material you’ll find on your pans, the product that helps repel grease and grime.

What is Stainmaster carpet?

These Stainmaster carpets are designed to hold color, form, and look across years of intensive use. Stainmaster advises that these carpets will retain their look regardless of how often you use it. Again, these carpets are easy to clean and will look great for years to come.

Who can benefit from Stainmaster flooring?

People who have trouble getting rid of deep soiling and staining, too, will benefit from this strand of Stainmaster flooring. Stainmaster Active Family carpets are developed not just to resist against staining and soiling, but to withstand heavy traffic through everyday use.

Is Stainmaster flooring good for pet hair?

This flooring not only protects against extensive pet hair but also retains its color and shade across years of use. Stainmaster also advises that these carpets help to break down nasty pet odors, too, which can otherwise be tricky to remove. Best For: Pet owners, particularly those with active cats and dogs.

Which brand of carpet is best for stain resistance?

Our customers love the tried and true for stain resistance carpets! Stainmaster brand is a sure bet whether you have pets, kids or just high traffic areas. Peruse our selection of Stainmaster patterned carpets in multiple styles, colors and affordable cost ranges.