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Does Leon kiss Ada?

Does Leon kiss Ada?

Ada complains about her injured leg and Leon offers to carry her. Ada kisses Leon. After Ada’s true intentions are revealed, Leon challenges her to shoot him; she’s unable to.

Who does Leon Kennedy kiss?

Ada Wong
Leon And Ada Wong Kiss Scene – Resident Evil 2 Remake – YouTube.

Who is Leon Kennedy in love with?

8 Leon Has Strong Feelings For Ada Wong Leon S. Kennedy maintains an uncanny relationship with Ada Wong throughout the series. For him to look the other way on Ada Wong’s illegal acts shows that Leon S. Kennedy must have some pretty strong feelings for her.

Who does Leon end up with Resident Evil?

His wife is Claire Redfield, the younger sister of B.S.A.A.’s Chris Redfield. He is also known for his knowledge in taking out Zombies such as the incident in Harvardville where he led 3 troop team consisting of himself and two other memers of the Special Response Team.

Who loves Claire Redfield?

Kennedy and Steve Burnside. However in the remake, Claire does lightly flirt with Leon and even jokes that the Raccoon City incident would’ve been “one helluva first date”. In Code: Veronica Claire returns the romantic affections Steve gave her after getting to know him.

Who is Jill Valentine’s love?

Jill Valentine (Alternate Timeline)

Jill Valentine
Relationship: Married
Spouse(s): Chris Redfield
Status: Alive
Weapons: Škorpion vz. 61 Heckler & Koch USP Ithaca 37 Katana

Who did Leon marry?

Leon S. Kennedy (Alternate Timeline)

Leon S. Kennedy
Relationship: Married
Spouse(s): Claire Redfield
Status: Alive
Weapons: Heckler & Koch VP70 Beretta 92F Custom ‘Samurai Edge’ AKMSU

Does Leon like Claire?

Fanon. With Leon and Claire having been introduced in the second installment of the series, they’ve been fan favorites for the past 20+ years, their relationship with each other being no different. Their last official canon interaction was during the CGI movie Resident Evil: Degeneration, set during 2005.

Who is Leon Kennedy wife?