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Does Hornady still make Z-Max bullets?

Does Hornady still make Z-Max bullets?

Hornady Zombie Max (Z-MAX) ammunition was a special line created for killing zombies. Yes, that’s right – zombies. No longer in production, this specialty ammo was basically a fun gimmick with surprisingly good performance.

What are Z-Max bullets?

The ZombieMax ammunition is real loaded ammunition, loaded to specifications ballistically similar to Hornady’s top end ammunition. The distinctive green Zombie Z-Max tips will assure you have authentic Zombie Max ammo when the walking dead come clawing at your door.

What is a max ammo?

Item #80965. The 168 gr. A-MAX® bullet is a traditional match grade bullet with the performance advantages of a polymer tip. This bullet demonstrates an increase in penetration and retained weight over the 155 gr.

What is a red tip bullet?

What is The Red Tip? The red tip attached to the bullet is a plastic tip. The tip is molded into a streamlined shape to generate a spitzer-like design. The tip is anchored into the bullet, but will disengage when the round strikes your target. These bullets are designed for rifles or rifle-caliber pistols.

What are blue tip bullets?

Some manufacturers use blue tips on their rifle bullets to denote that the round is for aerodynamics in an expanding hunting bullet. On the other hand, some military rounds with a steel core or tracers, or those rounds that are classified as incendiary by the military, have a blue tip.

What does Hornady a MAX mean?

The A-MAX bullet line from Hornady was developed for absolute accuracy in any shooting application. These bullets are specially jacketed, tipped and cored for optimal weight, velocity and to have the highest ballistic coefficient possible.

Do you reload before Max Ammo?

It is recommended to reload all weapons before retrieving a Max Ammo power-up. This is important because a Max Ammo will not refill the used rounds in a magazine. Downed players will not recieve an ammunition bonus, for this reason it is important to revive them before grabbing a max ammo.

What are blue tip bullets for?

What are the features and uses of Hornady’s z-max zombie bullets?

Here are some of the features and uses of these fun zombie bullets (other than zombie control, of course). The official webpage also has a fun video and a great disclaimer that’s worth a read. Polymer Tip: Just like the A-MAX and V-MAX lines from Hornady, the Z-MAX line featured a polymer tip.

Is 208gr Amax a good Bullet for hunting?

Amax is a good bullet but for intended long range hunting I use the brand ( any brand ) that the rifle likes the best and for some reason the Bullets are almost always Sierra or Berger! With the sheer amount of deer that have been killed with 100gr pp, 130gr etc I honestly can’t see why my 208gr amax wouldn’t do the job.

Is Zombie Max Ammo any good?

There’s better ammo out there for almost every use possible, but nothing else has ever been marketed this way – and that certainly made it something special. If you happen to see Zombie Max ammo for sale, it’s highly recommended to grab a few boxes just to have!