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Does HindIII have star activity?

Does HindIII have star activity?

Star activity can happen because of presence of Mg2+, as is seen in HindIII, for example. The term star activity was introduced by Mayer who characterized the modified activity in EcoRI.

Which enzymes have star activity?

It has been suggested that star activity may be a general property of restriction endonucleases and that any restriction endonuclease can be made to cleave noncanonical sites under certain extreme conditions.

Does EcoRI have star activity?

It has long been known that as with many other type II restriction endonucleases EcoRI is capable of cleaving “star” sequences with low activity (Polisky et al., 1975; Goodman et al., 1977; Tikchonenko et al., 1978; Hsu and Berg, 1978; Malyguine et al., 1980; Gardner et al., 1982; Rosenberg and Greene, 1982; Lesser et …

Does BamHI have star activity?

After 50-fold overdigestion with BamHI, >95 % of the DNA fragments can be ligated and recut with this enzyme. Star activity: Conditions of low ionic strength, high enzyme concentration, glycerol concentration >5 % or pH >8.0 may result in star activity.

Does Psti have star activity?

Time-Saver™ qualified for digestion in 5-15 minutes. Reduced star activity. Supplied with 1 vial of Gel Loading Dye, Purple (6X) Restriction Enzyme Cut Site: CTGCA/G.

What can cause star activity?

Generally, star activity (i.e., the enzyme cuts a sequence that is an imperfect match to its known target) is caused by nonoptimal reaction conditions.(1),(2) These include: High concentration of glycerol (>5% v/v). High ratio of enzyme units to micrograms of DNA.

What is star activity in genetic engineering?

Star activity is defined as the alteration in the digestion specificity that occurs under sub-optimal enzyme conditions. Star activity results in cleavage of DNA at non-specific sites.

What is star activity of restriction endonuclease?

It has been demonstrated that under extreme non-standard conditions, restriction endonucleases are capable of cleaving sequences which are similar but not identical to their defined recognition sequence. This altered or relaxed specificity has been termed “”star”” activity.

What is star activity Neb?

Under non-standard reaction conditions, some restriction enzymes are capable of cleaving sequences which are similar, but not identical, to their defined recognition sequence. This altered specificity has been termed “star activity”.