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Does ERI like Harima?

Does ERI like Harima?

In manga Volume 22 , Chapter 280 , Eri asked a favor in Harima that she could be his fiancee so that Harima could help her mother in a way he wanted to. Harima accepted the favor since Eri said that it is just a favor of a friend.

Does Tenma fall in love with Harima?

Harima, at age 15 In middle school, Harima was a well-known delinquent. However, after saving Tenma Tsukamoto from some ruffians, he falls in love with her and eventually reforms himself.

Who does Yakumo Tsukamoto end up with?

Eventually, Yakumo falls in love with Harima, but refuses to have a relationship with him because of Harima’s love for her older sister, Tenma. It remains unknown whether Harima felt the same way about Yakumo, but it is unlikely due to him still being in love with Tenma.

Who did Harima end up with?

Meanwhile, Harima and Eri end up together, and have a child. It’s all in the manga.

Who does Mikoto end up with school rumble?

Haruki Hanai
Haruki Hanai In the parallel world story, School Rumble Z ch. 5, Mikoto and Hanai eventually say their vows and get happily married and Mikoto becomes pregnant.

Is karasuma an alien?

Karasuma’s origins are a real mystery, and even though many believe him to be a Kappa in disguise, it has also been speculated that he is actually an alien.

Who does Kenzo Tenma end up with?

Through this partnership, the young doctor soon was introduced to and became engaged to the director’s daughter, Eva Heinemann; an arrangement promising a bright and lucrative future ahead of him. One day, Tenma was ordered to operate on an opera singer and performed the surgery just as he was told.

Who loves Tenma?

Ooji Karasuma
Tenma Tsukamoto (塚本 天満, Tsukamoto Tenma) is the main protagonist of the series. She is a 16-year-old girl (in the manga School Rumble) who is hopelessly in love with a stone-faced eccentric boy named Ooji Karasuma.

How many seasons does School Rumble have?

Series overview

Season Episodes Format
School Rumble 26 TV
School Rumble: Extra Class 2 OVA
School Rumble: 2nd Semester 26 TV

Does Eva love Tenma?

Eva was first seen as a loving and devoted girlfriend and later on fiancee to Kenzo Tenma, the protagonist neurosurgeon of the series.

Did Nina love Tenma?

Throughout the series, she grew very fond of Tenma, as he was the one who assisted her on their journey and saved her from killing herself after she remembered her experiences at the Red Rose Mansion.

Did Eva like Tenma?

What is the relationship between Harima and Eri?

Harima and Eri’s love/hate relationship forms the basis for the ever popular Flag pairing. Initiated accidentally by a mistaken confession made by Harima, Eri’s relationship with Harima has become a central focus of School Rumble.

Who do you think Harima should end up with?

I think Harima should end up with Eri the blonde chick. Their characters seem to gel in an unexpected way. Yakumo is too quiet and boring for someone like Harima, and Tenma is just plain stupid. I guess manga readers can also vote, i understand the manga has not progressed a great deal so there isn’t much in terms of spoilers.

Do you think Harima is as silly as Tenma?

Only Tenma is as silly as Harima. Harima seems steadfast in pursuing Tenma. Either he gets with Tenma or he dies a very lonely man, because I can’t picture him forever throwing away his love for Tenma Click to expand…

What is Eri’s nickname for Harima?

Eri refers to Harima by the nickname “Hige,” which means “Beard”. Harima refers to Eri by the nickname “Ojou,” which means “Princess”, in reference to her being rich. In manga Volume 22 , Chapter 280 , Eri asked a favor in Harima that she could be his fiancee so that Harima could help her mother in a way he wanted to.