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Does Curtin have free parking?

Does Curtin have free parking?

Free parking Parking is free in nearby Carparks and PE2 before 8.00am and after 4.30pm on weekdays, and free all day on weekends. For more information, please refer to the campus map.

How do I park at Curtin University?

There are three easy ways to do this when you park at Curtin’s Perth campus:

  1. Via the app: Open the CellOPark app, select your location, car park zone number, your vehicle registration number and then hit GO.
  2. From your mobile phone: Call the CellOPark number on 6145 3333 and follow the prompts to start your session.

Is Curtin parking free on weekends?

Parking is permitted free of charge and without a permit in green, yellow, orange, blue and white zones between 4:30pm and 8:00am Monday to Friday and on weekends.

How much does parking cost at Curtin?

Staff and corporate parking permits for 2022

Parking zone Cost
Staff monthly permits $146.00 per billing cycle (monthly)
Staff reserved $2,240 per annum
Undercover staff reserved $3,039 per annum
External corporate reserved $4,053 per annum

How do I pay for parking on CellOPark?

CellOPark is a new and improved way to pay for parking. You simply use your mobile phone (or any internet connected device) to start and stop a parking session, so you pay only for the time you actually parked.

How do I cancel CellOPark premium?

FACT – You can, and always could, opt out of the service at any time from the home page of your online account from any internet connected device, such as your smartphone (using the same credential you use for the app) by clicking the ‘Downgrade’ link and confirming, or by contacting our support via phone or email.

What is a tuition free week?

Tuition-free weeks give students the opportunity to recuperate after weeks of hard work. Rest, recreation and socialization are recuperation strategies employed by many students. Without a second tuition-free week, these strategies are unattainable.

How do you pay for CellOPark?

Is CellOPark safe?

Are my personal details safe? Yes. CellOPark takes its customers information and privacy very seriously and is bound by all Privacy Acts and Regulations. Your personal information is stored on highly secure servers located in a world-leading datacentre based in Australia.

How do you pay for parking at Curtin University?

It’s free to register or use, but you’ll need to select a payment method to pay for your parking. This can be either direct debit via your credit/debit card or if you do not have one, by using PayPal or POLi through the CellOPark app.

Does CellOPark charge a monthly fee?

There are NO monthly fees or any charges what-so-ever if you do not use CellOPark during a billing cycle. Our premium services are designed as a ‘safety net’ that helps you avoid unnecessary fines and save you money if you forget to turn off your session and drive away.

What is CellOPark?

CellOPark is a parking system that lets you use your mobile phone, smart phone, tablet or computer to pay for parking in locations that offer payment via the CellOPark system.