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Does Coca-Cola have a board of directors?

Does Coca-Cola have a board of directors?

James Quincey is Chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company. Quincey, who first joined the company in 1996, has held a number of leadership roles around the world. He became CEO in 2017 and was elected Chairman of the Board in 2019. Quincey is leading Coca-Cola in its continuing evolution as a total beverage company.

How many board members does Coca-Cola have?

13 members
“The Board of Directors (the “Board”) currently has 13 members. Ronald W. Allen is not standing for reelection and will retire from the Board immediately following the 2020 Annual Meeting of Shareowners (the “2020 Annual Meeting”), at which time the size of the Board will be reduced to 12 members.”

Who is the director of The Coca-Cola Company?

Maria Elena Lagomasino has been a Director of The Coca-Cola Company since 2008 and Lead Independent Director since April 2019. Ms. Lagomasino is the Chief Executive Officer and Managing Partner of WE Family Offices, a global family office serving high net worth families, and has held these positions since March 2013.

How much do Coca-Cola board members make?

Compensation by Company

Name And Title Total Compensation
James Quincey Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer Total Compensation $24,590,663 View details
Brian J. Smith President and Chief Operating Officer Total Compensation $10,462,128 View details

What is Coca-Cola’s organizational structure?

The Coca-Cola Company’s operational structure includes four geographic operating segments: Europe, Middle East & Africa; Latin America; North America; and Asia Pacific. The company reporting structure also includes the non-geographic segments of Global Ventures and Bottling Investments Group (BIG).

How are board directors elected?

The board of directors is made up of one or more individuals elected by the shareholders to manage the business and affairs of the corporation.

What leadership style does Coke use?

The Coca-Cola Company has a culture that is run in the laissez-faire style meaning the ‘hands off’ approach. The laissez faire style is sometimes described as the “hands off” leadership style because the leader delegates tasks to their followers, while providing little or no direction to the followers.

Who are the stakeholders of Coca-Cola Company?

Our stakeholders include bottling partners, suppliers, consumers, customers, industry partners, governments and NGOs. Partnerships are core to our business and enable us to achieve more together.

Do board members get paid?

Board members aren’t paid by the hour. Instead, they receive a base retainer that averages around $25,000. On top of this, they also may be paid a fee for each annual board meeting and another fee for meeting by teleconference.

What companies does Coca Cola own?

AdeS soy-based beverages

  • Aquarius
  • Ayataka green tea
  • Chivita
  • Ciel water
  • Costa Coffee
  • Dasani waters
  • Del Valle juices and nectars
  • Fairlife
  • Fanta
  • Who owns Coca Cola?

    Value-added milk brand fairlife LLC, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola, has surpassed $1bn in retail sales, breathing new life into the sluggish fluid milk category. Launched in 2012 as a joint venture between Select Milk Producers and Coca-Cola, fairlife has

    What is the organizational structure of the Coca-Cola Company?

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  • Who is the CEO of Coca Cola?

    The current Chief Executive Officer of The Coca-Cola Company is James Quincey