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Does AMD FX 8350 run hot?

Does AMD FX 8350 run hot?

Re: Brand new AMD FX8350 CPU overheating Yes, your CPU Thermal margin is 9 degrees C from it Maximum Temperature range.

What is the best method to apply thermal paste?

One of the most common methods used is often referred to as the “line method.” This is exactly as it sounds. Apply a thin line of thermal paste directly down the center of the IHS (Integrated Heat Spreader) and then allow the pressure of the CPU cooler to spread the paste as you secure it.

Does thermal paste have to dry?

Thermal paste is a paste-like material, so it does not dry. It needs to have a pasty form, so it can fill the gaps between the processor and the heatsink. In most cases, it’s OK to use it right away. You can also wait for two or three hours for it to “set” before using your computer again if you wish.

Do you spread thermal paste?

It might be tempting to spread the thermal paste onto the CPU yourself. We recommend letting the pressure from the base-plate or waterblock being installed do it for you. Incorrect manual application can cause air bubbles to form in the paste, which can negatively impact the thermal conductivity.

Can you spread thermal paste with finger?

It is common to use fingers, razor blades, and cards to spread the thermal paste evenly on the CPU. We recommend you not to use any of these to apply the thermal paste. Applying thermal paste with your finger may seem the handiest method, but it isn’t worth it.

How long should thermal paste sit?

It takes 1 week or 2 to cure, but it will only drop your temps about 1-3 degrees.

How long should I wait after applying thermal paste?

It is not electrically conductive and it has a next to nothing cure time. You can game right away. I’ve used it for years and run Intel Burn Test immediately after building. The temps are just as good as when I used to wait days.

Can I spread thermal paste with my finger?

Is it OK to touch thermal paste?

Not best, but you should be OK. Paste spreads out under heat and pressure. Not to worry. The cpu will monitor temperatures and will slow down or shut off if it detects a dangerous level.

Do I need a spatula for thermal paste?

Conclusion: The Best Method to Apply Thermal Paste So we have concluded that spreading thermal paste with a spatula is the best way to apply it. This method prevents leakage to other areas of the CPU, there is no waste of thermal paste, and all the corners are adequately covered.

How to apply thermal paste on AMD CPU?

The pea dot method (a.k.a middle dot method) is the best and feasible way to apply thermal paste on AMD CPUs. But to get optimum results with this method, you have to hold and push the syringe just above the surface and put a small pea size dot at the center.

What happens if you put too much thermal paste on CPU?

But applying thermal paste is itself an art. For example, if thermal grease is applied without flattening the layer, you will soon notice that CPU core temperature increases even under a nominal load. And if you have used too much amount of thermal paste, then behold to witness the bubbles coming out from CPU and heatsink.

Does thermal paste work on PC heatsink?

It’s a proven fact that if you apply PC thermal paste on the heatsink or CPU, it will dissipate heat effectively and prevent your PC from overheating. But applying thermal paste is itself an art.

How to use vertical line method in thermal paste?

To use vertical line method, gently squeeze syringe of thermal paste so that a small quantity of thermal grease come out. Now hold the thermal syringe down on processor and draw straight line on it. As shown in following picture.