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Do you need a special mouthguard if you have braces?

Do you need a special mouthguard if you have braces?

Mouth guards are one of the most important pieces of protective equipment as they will protect your teeth and jaws while you are on the field. The rule of thumb is that you should use a mouthguard when in braces for any activity that you would normally need to wear a mouthguard for.

What mouthguard is good with braces?

A boil and bite mouthguard for braces is a good option for people with braces. Available at a sports store or chemist, the mouthguard is heated then placed in your mouth to mould to your teeth.

Can you play baseball with braces?

Protecting Your Smile With the use of a proper orthodontic mouthguard, any contact sport can be played with braces. Even in light contact sports such as baseball, a mouthguard is a good idea to protect the smile you’re working so hard for.

Can you use Shock Doctor mouth guard with braces?

The Double Braces mouthguard is specifically designed to conform to upper and lower brace brackets for instant comfort and prevention from lacerations. Made with 100% medical-grade silicone, it adapts to changes in mouth structure as teeth adjust….

Brand Shock Doctor
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Model Name 4300

What is the purpose of a bite guard with braces?

Bite blocks are used to prevent your upper teeth and lower teeth from touching to avoid breakage of brackets when you’re biting.

How do you put a mouthguard on braces?

When fitting SISU with braces, you need to cover the brackets with dental wax or aluminum foil. SISU is a custom fit mouthguard that fits perfectly to your teeth. Without a barrier over the brackets, the SISU will create a vacuum tight seal around the brackets and be hard to get off.

Can I use a mouthguard as a retainer?

You should also be careful about using night guards as retainers. If you have a hard night guard that is properly fitted to your teeth, it can serve as a retainer, but a soft night guard won’t prevent your teeth from shifting.

What is a boil and bite mouthguard?

Lots of patients purchase a cheap mouthguard at their drugstore called a boil and bite mouthguard. These guards are made of a flexible material that can be shaped like clay when exposed to heat. Users will boil the material and then bite into it to shape the guard to their teeth- hence the name.

How do you protect your braces in sports?

The American Dental Association recommends custom guards for orthodontic patients. Your mouthguard will be designed to provide proper protection for both your teeth and your braces. No matter what type of sport you participate in, a mouthguard can protect your braces.

Can I play sports if I have braces?

Can I Play Sports with Braces? Kids and teens can absolutely play sports while wearing braces. While injuries can happen at any time when playing sports, protecting your mouth and teeth during physical activity is especially important when you have braces.

Can I spar with braces?

Yes, you can box with braces as long as you wear a suitable protective mouthguard. It should not only protect your teeth but also mold to avoid damage to the braces themselves.