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Do you have to pay to park at Northampton train station?

Do you have to pay to park at Northampton train station?

The station car park itself is open 24 hours per day and has 813 spaces. The daily rate is £9.50, reducing to £6.60 at weekends. The JustPark website and app have full details of off-street parking near Northampton station.

How much is parking at Northampton train station?

Car park tariffs

Location Daily Before 10am Weekly
Northampton £11.00 £43.00
Wolverton £8.50 £32.00
Milton Keynes £11.00 £40.00
Bletchley £6.00 £20.00

How does glide parking work?

After payment you are allowed some time to leave the car park, so you can pay as you get to your vehicle then drive away with no worries about parking fees. If you stay longer after paying you can refresh the app by swiping downwards on ‘Active Parking’ to see any new fees and pay.

How do you use the Saba parking app?

Saba Parking App

  1. Find your nearest car park using an interactive map or typing in the name of the car park/station.
  2. Buy season tickets in advance.
  3. Save all of your favourite locations.
  4. Add more than one payment method.
  5. Add as many Vehicle Registration Numbers as you need.
  6. Purchase multiple products at the same location.

Is parking in Northampton free?

You can park for free in Northampton on the following streets near to the town centre: Sharman Road. Hunter Street. Millbrook Close.

Is street parking free in Northampton?

On-street parking charges in Northampton are currently in operation between 8:00am and 6:00pm, Monday to Saturday. The change will see parking charges from 7:00am to 7:00pm, seven days a week with any one-hour bays becoming two-hour to bring uniformity.

How do I contact glide parking?

Call us on 0333 666 5555.

What is the app Glide?

Glide App is the best video messaging app for android and iPhone that allows its users to send messages in the form of videos in real-time. Videos can be easily made and sent simultaneously, without having to download them or heavy internet usage issues.

How does Saba app work?

With over 600 car parks in the UK, the Saba Parking UK app is the easiest and simplest solution to parking. Find and save your favourite car park, choose the date and time of your stay, select a vehicle and pay with one of the credit/debit cards in your account. It’s that easy!

Who owns Saba parking?

the Saba Group
Indigo Park Services UK Limited now operates as Saba Park Services UK Limited and is a parking facilities company based in Watford. The company is owner by the Saba Group, and governed by CaixaBank.

What time is free parking in Northampton?

What time is free parking in Northampton? Depending on the day and time, it might be possible to find free parking in Northampton. From Monday to Saturday, after 5pm, parking is free at the Melbourne Street and Market Street car parks.

Is parking free in Northampton on Saturday?

Downtown Parking Downtown Northampton has on-street pay-by-plate kiosks, and traditional meters, the ParkMobile payment app is also accepted. Metered parking in city lots and on city streets is enforced Monday through Saturday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m – Sundays and Holidays are free.