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Do you have to dress up for SantaCon?

Do you have to dress up for SantaCon?

You don’t have to dress exactly like Santa but the theme is red. That having been said, unusual interpretations of Santa-ness are often appreciated and Christmas trees, elves, reindeer themes etc. are all good. Have fun.

Is SantaCon real?

SantaCon is an annual pub crawl in which people dressed in Santa Claus costumes or as other Christmas characters parade in various cities around the world.

How can we avoid SantaCon?

How to steer clear of NYC SantaCon 2021

  1. Avoid Midtown, Murray Hill, and the East Village.
  2. If you have to hang in those ‘hoods, steer clear of bars with “ugly” in the name, bars with Irish guys’ names, bars named after booze, and bars with names like The Keg Room.

What happens at SantaCon?

An annual event that sees some 30,000 people descend on New York, at its best Saturday’s SantaCon is a gathering of young people who donate some money to charity while wearing Santa Claus costumes and getting drunk.

What should I wear to SantaCon NYC?

Tips to Join SantaCon NYC in 2021

  • To be part of the fun, participants are required to dress up.
  • Also, be sure to dress warm underneath.
  • If you don’t want to blackout and sent home after a few bars, be sure to have a good breakfast.
  • Start early and pre-game at home!
  • Bring your ID!

How does SantaCon work?

SantaCon is a roving, loosely organized event where people dress like Santa Claus, elves, or other holiday figures and parade around a city in varying states of sobriety. Comparable to other adult party days, like St.

Who created SantaCon?

In 1974, anarchist members of the Danish art collective Solvognen started the first iteration of SantaCon. During Christmastime, about 30 men and women put on Santa costumes and staged protests throughout Copenhagen, raging against the “greed and capitalism that have corrupted Christmas.”

How does SantaCon NYC work?

Most of the venues are free to enter with no cover charge. Only the special venues require a $13 (tax-deductible) donation, as they are larger and offer additional perks such as a DJ, holiday decorations, etc. For those spots, participants are given a snazzy SantaCon pendant to get through the doors.

What does SantaCon stand for?

Santacon is a charitable, non-political, nonsensical Santa Claus convention that happens once a year to spread absurdist joy.