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Do valve springs increase HP?

Do valve springs increase HP?

Simple physics tells us that heavier objects require more force to accelerate, just like a heavier car requires more horsepower to accelerate. Adding larger valves means the valvespring must control additional weight, more than likely at higher engine speeds.

How do I know which valve springs to buy?

An important factor when selecting valve springs, is choosing the correct seat pressure, open pressure, and spring rate for the camshaft being used. In theory, you can gain free horsepower just by choosing the proper springs for your engine.

Do valve springs make a difference?

As long as the springs are able to maintain the required amount of pressure, they’ll be able to help you avoid sudden engine failure and damage. In short, they help to keep your valves running smoothly. But there’s much more to it than that.

How often should valve springs be replaced?

By the time original equipment valve springs have 100,000 or more miles on them, they have probably lost up to 10% or more of the tension they had when they were new. Most engine experts recommend replacing valve springs that have lost 10 percent or more of their original tension.

What does upgrading your valve springs do?

This allows more of the spring load to control the valve. So a higher seat load with a lighter upper mass of the spring combines to give the valvetrain more control.

Why are beehive valve springs better?

“Beehive springs feature smaller, lighter retainers, greatly helping theengine achieve much higher peak rpm,” said Chris Douglas of Comp Cams. “That allows the engine builder to switch to higher-lift, moreaggressive camshafts to increase performance.”

What does upgrading valve springs do?

How do you break in a new valve spring?

To properly break in your newly installed valve springs, run your newly installed valve springs through one heat cycle at a maximum of 1,500-2,000 rpm until the engine warms up and then let your engine cool down.

What do better valve springs do?

Reducing the weight of the valvetrain components means the valve springs can do their job with lower spring pressure, which in turn reduces stress on the entire valvetrain. The reduced diameter at the top of a beehive spring also provides greater spring-to-rocker arm clearance.

What are the symptoms of a broken valve spring?

Broken or weak valve springs in an engine can cause many different drivability and performance problems. Broken valve springs cause excessive valve noise, compression loss and can cause severe internal engine damage.

How much does it cost to change valve springs?

Depending on the make and model of your vehicle, it will cost between $900 and $1,800 to replace it. The process of replacing valve seals involves the entire engine being dismantled.

What do double valve springs do?

Dual Springs are a good option for performance engines with a heavy valvetrain. The two springs rub against each other and act as a damper. The second spring also acts as a safety measure. Broken springs can be found before they drop a valve into the engine.