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Do the Speakmans have qualifications?

Do the Speakmans have qualifications?

The Speakmans have diplomas in an unspecified subject from Newcastle University, but have stated these are not related to their work.

What happened Eva Speakman?

Eva explained her ex headbutted her three times, causing her to hit her head on the bar or the deck, with her rushed to hospital by her cousin. Following the attack, doctors feared she had brain damage with injuries including loss of speech and spacial awareness.

How old are Speakmans?

About 60 years (December 1961)Nik Speakman / Age

What therapy do Speakmans use?

Schema Conditioning Therapy is a technique that has been developed by the Speakmans and they have practiced it for around 20 years. They use the technique by helping their patients to recondition negative thoughts or behaviour.

How old is Nick and Eva Speakman?

Do the Speakmans do private consultations?

The Speakmans had their own 20 episode show on ITV called ‘The Speakmans’ which also aired around the world. On a daily basis, ‘The Speakmans’ successfully treat people in their private clinic, and at their workshops around the UK.

How many kids do the Speakmans have?

Nik and Eva Speakman, who have two children together, Olivia and Hunter, regularly host a This Morning segment about anxiety issues and phobias and it is always a big hit with viewers.

Are Nik and Eva Speakman married?

Nik and Eva Speakman are a married couple who live in Rochdale, Greater Manchester, along with their two children. The duo are both therapists have been studying human relationships for over 20 years.

Where do the Speakmans live now?

The Speakmans live in Littleborough, Greater Manchester, with their two children, Olivia and Hunter.

How many children have the Speakmans got?

How do I contact Nik and Eva Speakman?

Do you need help from The Speakmans? We’re opining our phone lines today to offer you that help, so whether you’re suffering from anxiety, a phobia or a psychological obstacle you just can’t overcome, Nik and Eva Speakman are here to help! Give us a call on 08000 30 40 44, or email [email protected].

Are the Speakmans married?