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Do silver trumpets sound better?

Do silver trumpets sound better?

The silver finished instrument will sound different (usually more brilliant) because of the fact that the silver plating is much thinner than the spayed on sealant. Other considerations when selecting the silver or lacquer would be the care and repair of the instrument finish.

Are silver trumpets made of silver?

Trumpets are almost universally made from brass, but a solid gold or silver trumpet might be created for special occasions. The most common type of brass used is yellow brass, which is 70 percent copper and 30 percent zinc.

How can I tell if my trumpet is silver?

Simply identify the color of the instrument. A “yellow” instrument is lacquered brass most the time, and silver is, well, silver plated. This horn is silver plated.

Is there a difference between silver and gold trumpets?

Gold has a large bold sound with great resonance. Silver tends to deliver a bit more range and is especially strong in the top range of notes. For Brass finishes the most popular are Yellow Brass [the most common], Gold Brass and Rose Brass [Softer and More Mellow tone].

Are silver trumpets made of brass?

Silver brass is an alloy of copper, zinc, and nickel. Adding a bit of nickel to the equation often adds a darker tone to the instrument. Yamaha use silver brass for some of their trumpets, and you also find it among other brands. You can spot the silver brass when you have the trumpets lined up.

How much does it cost to silver plate a trumpet?

Refinishing and Replating

Silver Plating Gold Plating
Trumpet / Cornet / Flugelhorn One-piece $50.00 $120.00
Trombone One-piece $60.00 $170.00
Tuba One-piece $70.00 $175.00
Saxophone Mouthpiece $50.00 $120.00

Are silver plated trumpets lacquered?

Silver plate is thinner than lacquer and thus will not dampen the resonance of the horn as much as lacquer. However, a silver plated horn will tarnish over time. More maintenance is required than that of a horn with lacquer or gold plate.

What is the best material for a trumpet?

Brass is the most commonly used material for making “brass” instruments such as the trumpet. Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc and has long been used as the material for brass instruments, as it is easy to work with, resistant to rusting, and beautiful to look at.

What is silver finish brass?

Silver plating is another common finish for brass instruments. A thin layer of silver is applied to the brass using electroplating, and this silver protects the brass underneath. Silver plated instruments can be polished like any other piece of silver, but it’s important to use some restraint.

What are silver trumpets made of?

What is the difference between silver plated and Nickelplate?

As previously stated, silver plate and nickel plate have a very similar coloring and brightness. Although, nickel can appear a little brighter. The obvious difference is the tarnishing aspect of silver whereas nickel doesn’t tarnish so no polishing is required.

Can you Replate a trumpet?

If you’re playing the horn,though, and having a shabby looking instrument bothers you, then by all means have it relacquered or replated. It’s not going to ruin it, as long as you follow the idea that you get what you pay for. So many trumpets and mouthpieces, so little time.

What is the color of the bell on the trumpet?

The Bell is Sterling Silver. While the rest of the horn is lacquered. It is a two-toned trumpet. I realized the pictures may not show that aspect clearly. dhep.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bishm%3Ed%7Fhep-13eecd10728-0xfa-

What is a sterling silver bell?

The Sterling silver Bell is not just silver plating but sterling silver. The horn produces an outstanding rich. Robust symphonic sound. Sorry about the very small dings. Per bidder questions: The Bell is stamped with”Sterling Silver. The Bell is Sterling Silver. While the rest of the horn is lacquered. It is a two-toned trumpet.

Is this a Reynolds Sterling Silver Bell trumpet?

We hope to hear from you! This is a GORGEOUS Reynolds Sterling Silver Bell trumpet. Reynolds made very few of these exceptional instruments before slipping into the mediocrity of a second rate instrument manufacturer. But the quality innate in these early horns is clear to anyone who sees it. The bell is solid sterling silver with gold higlights.

Is the bell unlacquered on a trumpet?

The bell is unlacquered. The valves of the trumpet were rebuilt in 2010 by anderson Silver plating and the trumpet has been played sparingly since then. It comes with a custom designed authentic 1997 wood shell bach double case that will hold 2 trumpets, 3 mouthpieces, and has a mute compartment.