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Do friendship lamps actually work?

Do friendship lamps actually work?

Friendship lamps can have a massive positive impact on your long-distance relationships. Whether it’s a friend, a much-loved grandma, your first child off at college, or a spouse in the military, it will make a difference in the way you communicate with each other and how frequently you do so.

What is the best friend lamp?

What is a friendship lamp? A friendship lamp is a (usually) small table lamp that’s WiFi connected. Through the internet, one friendship lamp connects to another—no matter how many miles away the other friendship lamp is.

Do friendship lamps need Wi-Fi?

Yes, Friendship Lamps connect and communicate using Wi-Fi on the 2.4 GHz band. Friendship Lamps cannot be connected using Bluetooth, and you cannot plug the lamp itself directly into your router/modem via Ethernet.

Is there an app for friendship lamps?

We have recently launched our brand new LuvLink™ app on iOS & Android. Please follow our App Setup Guide to setup your new lamp. This app will give you a range of new features including, changing colors, setting dimming times, setting sleep timers and managing who is on your group.

How far do the friendship lamps work?

There is no max distance! These lamps connect right across the whole world! All you need is an internet connection and you can connect two or more Friendship Lamps to the one group.

How long does a friendship lamp stay on?

30 minutes
You are correct that the minimum time that friendship lamps light up is 30 minutes, however they can also be set up to stay lit for 1 1/2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours, and 24 hours.

What is the point of friendship lamps?

Friendship Lamps allow you to stay connected with loved ones all around the world. Endless amount of people can join your group so everyone stays connected. By touching your lamp then the other lamp will light up allowing them to know you are thinking of them, saying hello, or goodnight.

Can you connect 3 friendship lamps?

You can connect as many long distance lamps to your group as you like; there is no limit to the number of lamps that can connect to a single Group ID. We have entire families with dozens of members spread around the world using these lamps.

How long does a Friendship Lamp stay on?

How long does the Friendship Lamp stay lit?

When a lamp is touched all lamps on the group pulse for 30 seconds and then stay on for 30 minutes. Over this time they slowly grow dimmer until automatically turning off. The pulsing lets you know the lamps were touched recently.

Can you connect 3 Friendship lamps?

How long does the friendship lamp stay lit?