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Do dogs need a license in CT?

Do dogs need a license in CT?

Did You Know? All dogs over six months must be licensed. All dogs must be licensed by the 30th of June of each year. A one dollar fee will be charged for each month late.

How do I license my dog in CT?

Dogs six months of age or older must be licensed. You can download a Dog License Application (in Spanish)* or Dog License Application (in English)*. *NOTE: This application must be mailed to your Town Clerk, with fees and required documents, not to our agency.

How much is it to license a dog in CT?

The fee for licensing an unaltered dog is $19.00. The fee for licensing a spayed or neutered dog is $8.00. Licenses not applied for within the required 30 days will be subject to a penalty of $1.00 per month.

How do I get married in Enfield CT?

Marriage Application Requirement Connecticut: Valid form of identification (driver’s license, resident ID, passport or birth certificate) Social Security cards. Name, address and phone number of the person performing the Ceremony. Address where the ceremony will take place.

Are pit bulls allowed in Connecticut?

Gov. Dannel P. Malloy has signed a bill that prohibits Connecticut towns and cities from passing breed-specific ordinances. That is, they can’t ban or single out any particular breed, such as pit bulls, by requiring that their owners buy liability insurance or keep them in an enclosure or leashed and muzzled.

Who can legally marry a couple in CT?

By 2015, the most recent year referenced in the poll, that number had soared to 40 percent. In Connecticut, those able to perform weddings include judges, magistrates, justices of the peace, and ordained or licensed members of the clergy.

Is it legal to bury a pet in your yard in CT?

The size of the animal is limited only by what will be accepted by the trash hauler and the local landfill or trash incinerator. “Burying it in your back yard is OK, too, as long as you bury it deep enough to keep scavengers away,” Hutcheons said.

What dog breeds are banned in CT?

What dogs are banned in CT?

Can I bury my dog in my backyard in Connecticut?