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Do any NZXT cases have good airflow?

Do any NZXT cases have good airflow?

The standard H510, which is our pick for the best NZXT case, comes with a solid front panel with small air vents on the sides for airflow. The new one puts airflow front and centre for those who want to build a high-performance PC with powerful components.

Does the NZXT H510 case have good airflow?

This compact mid-tower is an ideal case for high-performance builds and features a perforated front panel for maximized airflow. The H510 is easy to build in and offers flexibility for a variety of ATX parts.

Are NZXT cases good for cooling?

Best Overall NZXT H510i is the company’s middle of the road PC case with a compact mid-tower design, cable management features, and plenty of space for expansion cards and even some water-cooling.

What kind of case is the NZXT H510?

compact mid-tower
Details. This compact mid-tower is an ideal case for the majority of builds. The H510 is easy-to-build-in and offers flexibility for a variety of ATX parts.

Are NZXT fans good?

They perform extremely well and work great if you pair them with one of NZXT’s AIO coolers. They are quiet, cool your components down well and should last a long long time. The lighting effects are awesome. While these aren’t as “flashy” as some of the other RGB fans, they definitely don’t disappoint.

Does NZXT H710 have good airflow?

With the stock airflow of the H710, we can say that NZXT did a good job with it. You’ll find four Aer fans that are pre-installed, where three of these are set in front to provide adequate airflow.

Why is the H510 Flow so expensive?

At first, it was set to MSRP at $75, but according to NZXT, the new tariffs on imported goods and added shipping costs with the pandemic have made the company push the price up to a mighty $110. Let’s dig in and find out whether the H510 flow is worthy of our Best PC Cases list.

Do I need extra fans for H510?

A: Yes, standoffs are included and preinstalled. A: i just bought this a little over a month ago. it does come with the two case fans in the photo. but just letting you know, there are no front fans so if you want additional ones, you have to purchase extra 120mm ones.

Are NZXT cases quiet?

NZXT’s website even describes the H230 as “the perfect silent chassis for users looking for the bare essentials,” and for the most part that’s accurate. This is a no-frills silent case, with very little in the way of expandability.

Is NZXT H510 quiet?

At full speed, they’re not loud at all at just 38.8 dBA. The case doesn’t keep a lot of noise in either with the mesh front, but that’s to be expected. With mild fans like these, this case will reward you accordingly if you buy a quiet CPU cooler and GPU.

Does RTX 3080 fit in H510?

I have the h510 Elite and the gigabyte 3080 gaming oc in there with the 240mm cooler. Just fits with roughly 20mm clearance. Yes it will fit, I have this card and I have this case.

Does NZXT H510 need case fans?

The NZXT H510 Mid Tower Case comes with two Aer F-120mm cooling fans, which provide excellent airflow. Its front panel and the Power supply intakes have removable filters that keep components protected from dust and other particles.