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Did Matt Damon do his voice in Team America?

Did Matt Damon do his voice in Team America?

Trey Parker, Matt Stone are the voices of Matt Damon in Team America: World Police, and Kappei Yamaguchi is the Japanese voice.

Who is the voice of Kim Jong Un Team America?

Trey Parker
Personality. Jong-il is, in many ways, similar to Cartman: Both are very loud, profane, manipulative, insecure, and have the same voice actor (Trey Parker). He shows absolutely no remorse for humanity, shooting his translator just to scare one of his henchmen. He also feeds Hans Blix to his pet sharks.

What did Alec Baldwin say about Team America?

One day you’ll all look at the world us actors created and say, “wow, good going, fag. You really made the world a better place, didntcha, fag?”” Alec Baldwin is an actor and one of the members and main leader of the F.A.G. (Film Actor’s Guild) who hate Team America.

How did actors react to Team America?

On top of unfavourable reviews, the White House declared Team America unpatriotic and Sean Penn was so offended by his puppet’s depiction as the head of the fictitious Film Actors Guild (FAG) that he sent the filmmakers an irate letter. Matt Damon and Samuel L Jackson are among other stars portrayed in the picture.

What did George Clooney think of Team America?

George Clooney is an actor and a member of the F.A.G. (Film Actor’s Guild) who hate Team America.

Is Matt Damon friends with Trey Parker?

Trivia. The real Matt Damon is friends with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. However, in a 2016 interview, Damon was confused by his portrayal in the movie, due to the fact he was known as “a screenwriter and an actor”, saying “I was always bewildered by that, and I never talked to Trey and Matt about that.

Is Team America real puppets?

Instead of live actors, the film uses a combination of puppetry and miniature effects based on Supermarionation, known for its use in the British TV series Thunderbirds. The duo worked on the script with former South Park writer Brady for nearly two years.

Who is intelligence in Team America?

Phil Hendrie is the voice of I.N.T.E.L.L.I.G.E.N.C.E. in Team America: World Police.

What did they use for vomit in Team America?

In the overhead shot of Gary lying in the giant puddle of vomit, it is actually Trey Parker wearing a pair of fake legs so his proportions more closely match those of the marionettes. The “vomit” was a mixture of soup and beer.

Did George Clooney actually play Sparky?

Actor George Clooney provided the small role of the voice of Sparky, which is limited entirely to dog barks. Clooney was a vocal South Park fan and was largely responsible for generating news about “The Spirit of Christmas”, a 1995 animated short film by Parker and Stone that served as a precursor to South Park.

Was Team America made with real puppets?