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Did Martin Archery buys obsession?

Did Martin Archery buys obsession?

Martin Archery Acquires Obsession Bows. Archery Industry News.

Who makes the quietest bow?

Here are the details on the top five.

  • Alpine SS Stealth. I knew immediately when I shot this bow that it was the quietest.
  • Mathews Legacy. This new Mathews is not only one of the quietest bows on the market, but at 259 fps, it’s also a very fast one.
  • PSE Enforcer.
  • Hoyt VorTec.
  • McPherson 38 Special.

Who bought obsession archery?

Arcus Hunting LLC, a Bregal Partners company, has closed its buy of Obsession Archery Inc. The sellers are Dennis and Angela Lewis, Obsession’s founders, who will continue to lead the company. Jeffersonville, Georgia-based Obsession Archery designs and makes premium bows.

What is the fastest obsession bow?

2019 LAWLESS: The fastest bow hitting the market delivering up to 370 feet per second. Plus, the OB TRAX cam system makes the Lawless the smoothest speed bow EVER.

Who owns Martin Archery?

Martin Archery is pleased to announce its recent asset purchase by ELM, LLC, a Nashville-based private equity firm, and the Mandola Group, a sister company to Big Jon Sports.

What is the fastest Mathews bow?

The XLR8, with a 5-inch brace height and 360 IBO, stands to this day as the fastest “Mathews” compound bow ever made.

How fast is the PSE full throttle?

370 feet per second
370 feet per second!

Who makes the fastest hunting bow?

You came here for the speed, and the new limited-edition Smoke by Xpedition Archery delivers. It’s the fastest bow they’ve produced, and one of the fastest-rated hunting bows ever, at a meteoric 370 fps. IBO. The Smoke has a 32-inch axle-to-axle length and a 5.375-inch brace height.

Are Martins good bows?

I just purchased my first Martin, a 2012 Pantera. So far its been an excellent bow. Really smooth shooting, really accurate, and tons of adjustability. Not the quietest of bows but that’s where bowjax comes in.