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Did James Gandolfini See Enough said?

Did James Gandolfini See Enough said?

Gandolfini died of a heart attack in June 2013, almost a year after production on the film had ended but before it was released. The film’s editing was complete by then but Holofcener added a dedication to the end-credits reading “For Jim”. Gandolfini never saw the completed film.

Who is Julia Louis Dreyfus husband?

Brad HallJulia Louis-Dreyfus / Husband (m. 1987)

While at Northwestern, Louis-Dreyfus met future husband and Saturday Night Live comedian Brad Hall. They married in 1987 and have two sons together: Henry (born 1992) and Charles (born 1997). Henry is a singer-songwriter, who has performed on The Tonight Show.

Who plays Chloe in Enough said?

Tavi Gevinson
Then there is Chloe (Tavi Gevinson), Ellen’s friend and possible surrogate after Ellen leaves. It’s all charmingly weird. One night Eva attends a party with her friends Will (Ben Falcone) and Sarah (Toni Collette), a perpetually bickering couple (and quite funny).

Where was the movie Enough said filmed?

Enough Said was filmed in Ontario International Airport, Santa Monica and West LA.

What did Julia Louis Dreyfus say about James Gandolfini?

Julia Louis-Dreyfus found James Gandolfini ‘surprisingly not confident’ After commanding the screen as Tony Soprano for 86 episodes, you wouldn’t expect Gandolfini to lack confidence. But Louis-Dreyfus told Shepard that’s how he was on the Enough Said shoot.

How old was James Gandolfini when he died?

51 years (1961–2013)James Gandolfini / Age at death
On June 19, 2013, James Gandolfini, the actor best known for his role as New Jersey crime boss Tony Soprano on the TV series “The Sopranos,” which debuted in 1999 and ran for six seasons, dies of a heart attack while vacationing in Rome, Italy. He was 51.

What is James Gandolfini doing now?

Death. Gandolfini died unexpectedly at the age of 51 in Rome on June 19, 2013. He was expected to travel to Sicily a few days later to receive an award at the Taormina Film Fest.

How much did James Gandolfini make per episode of The Sopranos?

Following intense negotiations, HBO agreed to pay the actor $1m (£742,165) per episode. This translated to $13m (£9.6m) per season. According to the book, Gandolfini agreed to the number – in spite of it being much less than he had originally wanted – because of his fellow Sopranos cast.