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Did Carly appear in Sam and Cat?

Did Carly appear in Sam and Cat?

The show first aired on September 8, 2007 a week before Drake and Josh (another show made by Dan) ended. The show is about a girl named Carly Shay who makes a webshow called iCarly along with her two best friends….

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What episode is SuperPsycho in Sam and Cat?

— Sam to Gibby. #SuperPsycho is the 31st episode of Sam & Cat.

What episode is Drake Bell in iCarly?

“iCarly” iBloop (TV Episode 2010) – IMDb.

Is Victorious and iCarly connected?

Because of the crossover series, Sam & Cat, (along with the TV special iParty With Victorious) it is clear that iCarly and Victorious exist in the same universe.

Is that Cat’s real voice in Sam and Cat?

Grande was a teenager when she was cast as the red-haired Cat Valentine on Nickelodeon’s “Victorious.” She also reprised the role for one season of its spin-off show, “Sam & Cat.” To portray the bubbly character, Grande took on a high-pitched and girlish voice, which is quite unlike her real-life tone.

Is Del DeVille a real singer?

Del DeVille is a recurring character on Sam & Cat. He is the singer of Sam and Cat’s favorite band of the same name….

Del DeVille
Full name Del DeVille
Gender Male
Occupation Singer
Affiliations Del DeVille (band)

Was Josh Peck on iCarly?

iCarly (TV Series Revival) Nearly 15 years after the Drake & Josh finale, Josh Peck makes a cameo appearance in Friday’s episode of the iCarly revival.

Who did Josh Peck play in iCarly?

In the iCarly reboot series, Peck plays a character named Paul, who is Carly’s manager. Although the full details of his involvement have yet to be revealed, the official iCarly season 2 trailer has shown certain details from his episode, including his almost instant friction with Kress’ character, Freddie Benson.