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Did Bon Scott sing Whole Lotta Rosie?

Did Bon Scott sing Whole Lotta Rosie?

Read all. The music video features the band on a concert stage. They perform in front of a crowd while a shirtless Bon Scott sings the song.AC/DC performs in the music video “Whole Lotta Rosie” from the album “Let There Be Rock” recorded for ATCO Records.

Is Whole Lotta Rosie about a real person?

This song is about a very large woman lead singer Bon Scott had relations with early in the band’s career.

Who originally sang Whole Lotta Rosie?

Whole Lotta Rosie

“Whole Lotta Rosie”
Song by AC/DC
Length 5:33
Label ATCO
Songwriter(s) Angus Young, Bon Scott, Malcolm Young

What does the crowd chant during Whole Lotta Rosie?

When did the tradition of yelling “angus!!” during whole lotta rosie begin? It seems like the crowd yelling, “Angus!!” between the riffs in Whole Lotta Rosie is a fairly recent thing, it never seemed to happen with Bon singing (though the crowd could have been not picked up by the mics or something).

Did Elvis Cover Whole Lotta Rosie?

Watch ‘Elvis Presley’ Cover AC/DC’s ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’

Who was original singer of ACDC?

Brian Johnson
Bon ScottDave Evans

Did AC DC have groupies?

Also one of the craziest. At the time, the band enjoyed two distinct types of female AC/DC fans, or some would say, groupies.

What album was Whole Lotta Rosie AC DC from?

Let There Be Rock
Released off 1977’s Let There Be Rock, “Whole Lotta Rosie” tells the scuzzy story of the time Scott had a sexual encounter with an Aussie groupie he described as a Tasmanian devil. “We were all staying in the same hotel and this chick Rosie lived across the road,” Scott famously recalled on the live album Bonfire.

What tuning is Whole Lotta Rosie in?

The tuning is standard tuning. “Whole Lotta Rosie” contains some of Angus Young’s finest guitar work of his career. There are two truly epic guitar solos in this one, which some very inspired playing. The first video lesson will cover the rhythm guitar parts played by Malcolm and Angus Young.

What was thunderstruck written about?

‘Thunderstruck’ The opening track from ‘The Razor’s Edge’ (1990) was inspired by a near-death experience. Guitarist Angus Young was travelling in a plane that got caught in a violent thunderstorm. The terror he experienced inspired the song title.

What is AC DC’s fastest song?

‘This Means War’ The final track from 1988’s underrated ‘Blow Up Your Video’ is one of the flat-out fastest and most intense in the entire AC/DC canon.

What years was AC DC popular?

AC/DC, Australian heavy metal band whose theatrical high-energy shows placed them among the most popular stadium performers of the 1980s.