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Did Bertie Wooster have two aunts?

Did Bertie Wooster have two aunts?

Bertram Wilberforce Wooster is a fictional character in the comedic Jeeves stories created by British author P. G. Wodehouse….

Bertie Wooster
Family Mrs Scholfield (sister; no first name given)
Relatives Dahlia Travers (aunt) Agatha Gregson (aunt) Many others; see the list
Nationality British

Who played Aunt Dahlia in Jeeves and Wooster?

In the 1990-1993 television series Jeeves and Wooster, Aunt Dahlia was portrayed by a different actress in each season: Brenda Bruce in season 1, episodes 2, 4–5; by Vivian Pickles in season 2, episode 1; by Patricia Lawrence in season 3, episode 6; and by Jean Heywood in season 4, episode 4.

Is Tuppy Glossop related to Honoria?

Life and character. Hildebrand “Tuppy” Glossop is the nephew of Sir Roderick Glossop and the cousin of Honoria Glossop.

What is Jeeves first name?

“Jeeves (full name Reginald Jeeves, nickname Reggie) is a fictional character in a series of comedic short stories and novels by English author P. G. Wodehouse. Jeeves is the highly competent valet of a wealthy and idle young Londoner named Bertie Wooster.

What did Bertie Wooster drink?

As the careful reader has known since the 1916 story “Jeeves And The Unbidden Guest”, Jeeves always brings Bertie a “nightly whisky-and-soda”.

Did Bertie Wooster fight in the war?

Wooster’s first appearance was as an independent young upper class male in 1915; he and his fellow ‘drones’ would have been of an age to serve in World War I, yet no reference to that conflict appears in his work with a single exception: In the 1953 novel Ring for Jeeves (in which Wooster does not appear), in response …

Who plays Aunt Dahlia?

The Originals has found its newest powerful magical foe. Farscape’s Claudia Black has landed the role of the mysterious (and dangerous) witch Dahlia, the maternal aunt of the Mikaelson siblings, The Hollywood Reporter has learned. Black — who is set to recur — will first appear in this season’s 16th episode.

Who played bingo little in Jeeves and Wooster?

Michael Siberry
In the 1990–1993 television series Jeeves and Wooster, Bingo was portrayed by Michael Siberry in series 1 and 2, and by Pip Torrens in series 3 and 4.

Who does Honoria Glossop marry?

Honoria Glossop is a recurring fictional character in the Jeeves stories by English comic writer P. G. Wodehouse. Athletic as well as scholarly, she is a formidable young lady and one of the women whom Bertie Wooster becomes reluctantly engaged to.

Who was Honoria in Thank You Jeeves?

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Honoria Glossop
First appearance “Scoring off Jeeves” (1922)
Last appearance “Jeeves and the Greasy Bird” (1965)
Created by P. G. Wodehouse
Portrayed by Donna Lynne Champlin Miriam Margolyes and others

Why do we call butlers Jeeves?

Wodehouse named his Jeeves after Percy Jeeves (1888–1916), a popular English cricketer for Warwickshire. Wodehouse witnessed Percy Jeeves bowling at Cheltenham Cricket Festival in 1913.

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