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Can you use Propress for refrigerant piping?

Can you use Propress for refrigerant piping?

Neither of the sealing elements are compatible with refrigerant gases, so Propress cannot be used in such appli- cations.

Is RLS the same as ZoomLock?

FACT: The only difference between the original ZoomLock fittings and the current RLS fittings is the name. The product is identical – and made in the same American factory.

What is the difference between ZoomLock and ZoomLock Max?

Parker is now upgrading their “press-to-connect refrigerant fittings” to ZoomLock MAX, an improved version of the original ZoomLock. ZoomLock MAX allows contractors to make secure leak-free connections in seconds. It means less time on the job and more money in the contractor’s pocket.

Why are refrigerant lines brazed?

As for the HVAC system, brazing is definitely necessary. The temperatures and pressures in many refrigerant piping systems exceed the rated pressure for solder joints. We don’t want to have refrigerant leaking into the atmosphere. So brazing is a must.

What is Zoom lock?

ZoomLock MAX offers a way for contractors to connect refrigerant lines in seconds, boosting efficiency while providing the safety and reliability you expect from Parker. ZoomLock MAX is ideal for Residential AC, HP, Mini-split, and Refrigeration installations. ZoomLock MAX.

Does zoom lock work on soft copper?

Does ZoomLock work on both hard and soft copper? Yes, ZoomLock can connect hard copper up to type K and also works with annealed soft copper as well.

How long do ZoomLock fittings last?

A: The expected life of the O-ring, if used within the product specifications for temperature and pressure, is at least 25 years.

Do ZoomLock fittings leak?

A: If you use ZoomLock MAX in an application that the fitting goes beyond the specified limits of the O-ring, then there is an increased likelihood that a leak can occur due to the compromised O-ring.

Can you use ZoomLock on soft copper?

Can you use solder on refrigeration lines?

Soldering is a viable method of joining ACR tubing and components while servicing and installing refrigeration systems. However, not all types of solders can be used satisfactorily. Tin/lead and tin/antimony alloys are not normally recommended for our systems.