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Can you use a steering wheel on Gran Turismo 5?

Can you use a steering wheel on Gran Turismo 5?

Two force feedback steering wheel controllers are now officially compatible with Gran Turismo 5. The Thrustmaster T500 RS, developed specifically for Gran Turismo 5, is a high end steering wheel that pushes the limits of power and precision.

Is Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel compatible with PS4?

These are new wheels designed specifically with support the PS4 but they support the PS3 as well. These seem to be the only PS4 racing wheels available. The Crew FAQ states that If your steering wheel is supported by your PC/PS4/Xbox One then it should work for the game..

Is the Logitech Momo force feedback?

MOMO is a world-famous designer of racecar steering wheels and accessories so this MOMO gaming wheel is sure to thrill. Ultra-realistic steering wheel uses force feedback technology to let you feel the road; bumps; walls and spills. Easy-grip rubber wheel has 240 rotation.

How do I connect my Logitech steering wheel to my PS4?

Connect the wheel cables , plug in the wheel to power socket , connect the wheel to PS4 with the USB cable. Set wheel to PS4 mode (right) The mode (PS3 – PS4) changer is located between d-pad & X , square ect. buttons on top/behind the wheel itself. There is a small led light next to the mode changer.

Does G29 work with Gran Turismo 5?

Logitech g29 works perfect with Gran Turismo 7 PS5.

How do I install Logitech MOMO Racing Wheel?

1) Go to the Logitech official website, then click SUPPORT > Downloads. 2) Type momo on the search box, then click MOMO Force. 3) Click Downloads. 4) Find the driver corresponding with your specific flavor of Windows version (for example, Windows 32 bit), and download the driver manually.

What ps4 games are steering wheel compatible?

PlayStation 4 Racing Wheel APEX Compatibility List

Game Title Launch Date Comp. PS5 (PS4-S)
Baja : Edge of Control 2017/9

When did the Logitech Momo come out?

19th September 2003
Manufacturer’s Description

Item Code 136312
Release Date Friday, 19th September 2003
Condition New
Product Type Steering Wheels
MPN 97855015013

Does the Logitech steering wheel work on PS4?

Logitech’s fantastic G27 racing wheel works with PC and PS3 – but not PS4.