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Can you trim a Moustache with scissors?

Can you trim a Moustache with scissors?

Comb your mustache upward so that the hairs extend just past the teeth of the comb. Then trim the excess hairs with either a pair of scissors or a trimmer. Try to trim only a small but when thinning your mustache. You can always trim more, but you can’t ever go back.

Can you trim mustache with beard trimmer?

Trimmer: Regardless of the length and style of mustache you’re after, you’ll need an electric beard trimmer with different guard lengths to get a precise cut. Scissors: If you are looking to grow a longer style mustache—a handlebar, for instance—a pair of high-quality beard scissors is a must.

How often should you trim your beard with scissors?

You should trim your beard every 3 or 4 days. Once you do this your beard will naturally start to grow in that shape. A good facial grooming will not neglect a person’s neck area. You must pay attention to the space underneath your chin and ensure that it is not being trimmed too close to your skin.

What length should a moustache be?

2 cm tends to be a great length for the Moustache as it’s in that ‘not too short, not too bushy’ zone. But if you’d like a handlebar Moustache, grow it out longer. Once you’ve grown your beard and have a good base to work from, you’re ready to tame the beast into a gentleman.

Is it better to trim beard with scissors?

If you are going for length, don’t bother with your trimmers, use your scissors to maintain your beard. Snip away any visible split ends without taking length away from the beard. Lastly, you can use both tools together when shaping your beard. Many barbers use trimmers to cut the shape they’re trying to achieve.

Is it better to trim your beard or moustache with scissors?

But it’s better to learn the art of trimming your beard and mustache with scissors, a beard shaping template, and a good trimmer yourself at some point, rather than having to spend hundreds of dollars every year to barbers.

What are the best 5 inch scissors for beard trimming?

Suvorna Hoopoe 5″ Men’s Grooming Scissors Last but not least, we have another product from Suvorna. Their five-inch Hoopoe model beard and mustache trimming scissors are some of the slimmest shears out there, being extremely light-weight and perfectly balanced in proportions.

Do mustache scissors need special shears?

Sure, the mustache scissor manufacturers and people marketing them sometimes claim that the beards need their own special shears, but that just isn’t the case. Aside from smaller size and sometimes having rounded safety tips, there’s nothing much different between beard, mustache, or hair scissors.

How to fix an uneven beard?

Take the beard scissors: Start clipping all the uneven hairs, wildly protruding hairs, and such. Use the comb to pull chunks of beard outwards from the skin and even out any uneven spots.