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Can you swim in Honeymoon Pool?

Can you swim in Honeymoon Pool?

Tabs Group. This popular camping and picnic area is located on the lower part of the Collie River and ideal for a relaxing weekend outing. Activities at Honeymoon Pool include swimming, bushwalking, canoeing/kayaking and fishing.

Why is honeymoon pool so cold?

The water is almost always COLD as it comes from the lower levels of the dam not far upstream. This is very refreshing on a hot summer’s day but a bit of a shock to the system in cooler weather. The campsite is administered by the Department of Parks and Wildlife so usual National Park fees and rules apply.

Do you have to book to camp at Honeymoon Pool?

Bookings are essential… You can now book and pay for your site before you even leave home. To make a booking go to Explore Parks WA and enter the name of the site you want to book. You can download a map to assist with site selection. Site fees are charged per person, per day.

Can you kayak at Honeymoon Pool?

This 8 km return kayak trail starts at Honeymoon Pool campground and follows the river downstream. There are some rapids that you have to walk around and the trail ends at a small waterfall where you can swim.

How did Honeymoon Pool get its name?

Situated 15 minutes from the small mining town of Collie is a little known – yet very popular – forest covered camping area known as honeymoon pool. It gets its name from the war days. Soldiers used to take their ladies down here to escape the stress of enlisted life – it says so on a plaque there anyway.

Can you swim in Black Diamond Lake?

Whilst swimming is permitted, signs do warn that people swim at their own risk because, due to past mining activities (Black Diamond is an artificial lake created from a disused open cut mine) the water has a low pH level. Those with sensitive skin should limit their exposure to the water.

Where can I kayak in Collie?

In the Collie River Valley you can hire kayaks, roof racks and more from Traaverse. Canoe hire is also available in Boyup Brook. Grab a canoe from Boyup Brook Flax Mill Caravan Park and venture along the majestic Blackwood River (Half price for schools). For wide river paddling, head to the Collie River at Eaton.

Are dogs allowed at Potters Gorge?

Are dogs or pets allowed at Potters? No. unfortunately no dogs, cats or pets are allowed at Potters Gorge Campground.

Where can I camp in Moore River?

Find the best campgrounds in parks near Moore River National Park

  • Moore River Private Field Camp.
  • Gums n Gully Farmstay.
  • Mystic Acres.
  • Cowalla Camping.
  • Moore River Delight.
  • Serenity, Stars & Fresh Air.

Can you put your head under Black Diamond Lake?

How dangerous is it really? You can swim in Black Diamond Lake but signs warn of dangerous levels of bacteria. Authorities say if you do take a dip, you do so at your own risk and should keep your head above water.

Can you swim in Collie River?

Located only 3km south of Collie townsite on Mungalup Road, this wide stretch of the Collie River is a beautiful and tranquil spot for swimming, fishing and canoeing.

Is Collie worth visiting?

In addition to its natural beauty, this historic town, nestled on the banks of the Collie River, has a rich coal mining history that can be explored through a tour of the replica underground coal mine or a visit to the Coalfields Museum.