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Can you send beer in the mail Australia?

Can you send beer in the mail Australia?

The simple answer is YES!

Can you post alcohol within Australia?

Sendle is trusted by the tastiest distilleries, wineries and liquor subscription services to deliver parcels across Australia. If you’re looking to send a parcel containing someone’s favourite tipple, below is all of the information you need to send it successfully with Sendle.

Can you send a can of beer in the post?

USPS provides shipping services for beer, liquor, and wine. Beer, spirits, and wine are not permitted to be shipped both domestically and internationally by the USPS. An alcoholic beverage company’s labels or branding on a package will prevent USPS from processing the shipment.

Can you post beer to Australia?

YES, you can send beer as a gift, who doesn’t love beer!

Can I send alcohol in the mail?

Alcohol can be shipped as land freight. However, depending on the destination, it may be possible to ship alcohol as air freight. Please note that if the alcohol is not professionally packed or packed using our packing materials, we are not able to ship your parcel.

How do you post alcohol?

How should I package alcohol to send?

  1. It is advised you wrap each bottle in polyethylene, bubble-wrap, or another shock-absorbent material and seal with tape.
  2. You should then fill the empty space in the box with more protective materials to prevent any movement of the contents while in transit.

What can be sent to Australia by post?

See below a list of items that you CAN send to Australia:

  • Animal products.
  • Artwork including collectibles.
  • Computers, laptops, tablets and monitors.
  • Designer clothing, apparel or accessories.
  • Drugs and pharmaceuticals including legal or prescribed.
  • Furniture.
  • Mail and personal pictures.
  • Music instruments.

Can you post beer?

Alcoholic beverages and liquids containing more than 70% alcohol by volume (ABV). UK – Allowed in the mail, with restrictions and packaging guidelines below: Volume must not exceed 1 litre per item. No more than two items in any one parcel.

What are you not allowed to post to Australia?

No animals, birds or insects, cheese, eggs or milk (or products containing these), meat, meat products or poultry (canned or otherwise), semen, vaccines or cultures, honey, rawhide drums, trophies or any other parts of animal products should be sent to Australia unless prior permission has been obtained from the AQIS.

What happens if you get caught shipping alcohol?

That being said, it is important to know that there are consequences if you are caught and that shipping alcohol is at your own risk. Typically, you’ll get a written warning on an initial violation. Subsequent violations could lead to fines and or, gulp, jail time, so be mindful and be smart.

What are the regulations for alcohol beverages in Australia Post?

Customers must also confirm the country of destination accepts alcohol beverages prior to lodgement with Australia Post. D2.4 – Class 4 – Flammable solids; Substances liable to spontaneous combustion; Substances which in contact with water emit flammable gases Note: Additional specific regulatory requirements are detailed at D10.10 – Liquids.

How much alcohol is in a beer in Australia?

In most of Australia, an alcoholic beverage is one of greater than 1. 15% alcohol by volume, but in Queensland and Victoria it is one of greater than 0. 5% alcohol by volume. Swan Light, a very low-alcohol beer.

How do I import beer into Australia?

deliver excisable beer into the Australian domestic market (for home consumption), you must lodge an excise return and pay excise duty import beer, instead of paying excise duty you generally pay an equivalent customs duty as this type of beer is an excise equivalent good (EEG).

Is it an offence to drink in public in Western Australia?

It is an offence in Western Australia for persons of any age to drink in public, such as on the street, park, beach, or as a passenger in a hired vehicle without first having obtained a permit from the appropriate local government authority.