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Can you put curtains in a porch?

Can you put curtains in a porch?

Outdoor curtains can transform your space, add much-needed shade, and make your house feel more like home. Try them out on your back patio, deck by the pool, balcony, front porch, or all of the above!

Which curtains are best for balcony?

Outdoor Loop Curtain These outdoor curtains are ideal for protection against sun as they provide upto eighty to eighty-five percent of sun-blockage. These summer curtains are designed and manufactured in full size and window size, and are ideal for balconies, patios, verandas or any other outdoor area in the house.

Can you put curtains on a screened porch?

Elongated curtains will make your screen porch appear larger and airier. However, avoid curtains that actually touch the floor, as they will likely become dirty from outdoor dirt and debris. If you’re hanging single panel or double panel curtains, we strongly recommend purchasing curtain tie backs.

Why do people put curtains on porches?

For an easy, inexpensive way to block views around your deck or patio, consider hanging outdoor curtains instead. Made to withstand harsh sun, wind, and rain, exterior draperies help close off your outdoor living area while providing relief from scorching summer weather, including harmful UV rays.

What kind of curtains can you use outside?

Curtains made from a Sunbrella fabric is a good choice as it is a superior weather-resistant fabric, blocks a majority of the UV rays and keeps mold and fading at bay. This easy-care fabric will protect your outdoor living area from all the residue from trees, animals, weather and nasty food spills.

How do you put curtains on a balcony?

Hanging Curtains on a Covered Balcony Use a hammer drill to make holes for the screws. Insert wall plugs (they may come with the curtain rod). Screw the curtain rod bracket into the ceiling. Thread the curtains onto the rod and hang from the brackets.

Can I put curtains on balcony?

Using curtains that are meant for indoor use for your balcony isn’t a good idea. They’ll most likely rot, attract mildew or fade. The most durable balcony curtains come in fabrics that are resistant to moisture and heat. They also won’t attract dirt easily.

How do you make a balcony curtain?

Here is what I did:

  1. Step 1 | Take measurements in your space. I measured from my patio cover to about 2 inches from the ground to get my length.
  2. Step 2 | Create your bottom hem.
  3. Step 3 | Paint your stripes.
  4. Step 4 | Hang on a DIY outdoor curtain rod!

How do you measure for outdoor curtains?

Measure from the center of the rod (or the hanger hook land, the lowest point of the hook, if your rod uses hangers) to the ground and take off one inch for clearance of the bottom edge of the curtain from the ground. This is the hung height.

Can I put curtains on my balcony?

Make the most of your outdoor space by hanging curtains! Outdoor curtains are the best way to give your pergola, porch or balcony a stylish makeover. They also provide an added touch of privacy, shade and protection from pesky insects.