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Can you marry Eltrys in Skyrim?

Can you marry Eltrys in Skyrim?

Rhiada is married to Eltrys. If the Dragonborn starts “The Forsworn Conspiracy” quest and talks to Eltrys, they will find out that she is pregnant. However, there is no script of this in the game, as Rhiada does not appear to be pregnant or ever have the baby in the game.

Do the Forsworn become friendly?

If the Dragonborn helped Madanach during “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine,” all the Forsworn in Druadach Redoubt will be friendly towards the player.

What happens if I free Madanach?

If you escape the city with him, the Forsworn and everyone in Cidhna Mine will become friendly at Druadach Redoubt encampment. Other Forsworn encampments will still be hostile. Madanach and his followers’ bodies will not reset if you kill them after the quest.

What happened to Eltrys?

He was killed. Guards said it was just a madman, but everyone knew the murderer was a member of the Forsworn.

Is it possible to save Eltrys?

It is possible to find Eltrys dead for no apparent reason, rendering his quest impossible to complete. This also prevents the Dragonborn from earning the potential rewards from the following quest “No One Escapes Cidhna Mine.”

Can u save Eltrys?

Note: Depending on the choices made, Eltrys is supposed to die, however in this scenario the guards are supposed to arrest the Dragonborn at the shrine. PC 360 If the quest is finished and the Dragonborn has escaped the mine, returning to the shrine will result in the Dragonborn being arrested again.

Can you become Thane of all 9 holds?

Yes you can be Thane in all Nine Holds in Skyrim simultaneously. You can also join all guilds at the same time.

Are Forsworn Bretons?

Who exactly are the Forsworn? Defining them as a group is difficult. Initially, they came to the Reach as a sub-race of Bretons who were closer to elves and who were interbred with Nords at some point. That would therefore define them as a specific race with specific powers.

What happens if you save Margaret in Markarth?

As you enter Markarth for the first time, you may notice her shopping at a market stall, busy discussing her purchase with the stall manager. Weylin will suddenly grab her and attempt to kill her. You can either let this happen, or save Margret by killing Weylin. If saved, she will be thankful and give you a necklace.

How do I get my stuff back after escaping Cidhna Mine?

If you side with Madanach, he gives you all your non-quest items at the exit of the ruin. You will receive all your quest items after Madanach has finished his dialogue with Thonar and started fighting.