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Can you make hay out of oats?

Can you make hay out of oats?

Oat hay is ideal for young livestock if cut when oats just begin to head out. Or you can increase yield by about one-third and cut oats in the early milk stage for hay that’s excellent for stock cows.

When should you cut oats for silage?

Timing when to cut your oat or forage crop is always based on a compromise between yield and quality. Cutting early will give you the highest feed value of the hay or silage, while late cutting results in the best overall yield. Most growers compromise the two and cut in the flower or bloom stage.

Does oats make good silage?

Many farmers grow oats as a companion crop with forage seedlings. Silage made from these oats can supply good quality feed for livestock. Oat silage quality is influenced by the stage of maturity at harvest and the material’s moisture level.

How long does oat hay take to dry?

They are great for testing a day or two after baling. If you have stem moisture but are baling with no dew your tester will read fine………and then your bale will melt down and rot. The quickest I have gotten oat hay to dry down is 3 days when crimped. Usually you are looking at 5 to 7 days here.

How long should silage ferment before feeding?

10 days to 3 weeks
The fermentation process takes 10 days to 3 weeks for completion. Silages should not be fed until after this process is completed for the best milk production and feed intake. Thus, the recommendation is to wait at least 3 weeks before feeding new crop silages.

Will oats grow back after cutting?

Graze early, and rest two weeks before grazing again. will recover rapidly and tiller well. You probably will need to give your oats a couple weeks to regrow after this first grazing, though, before grazing again,” recommends Anderson.

What do you spray oats with?

Herbicides labeled for use in spring oat include:

  • 2,4-D (amine and ester)
  • Aim.
  • Callisto.
  • Clarity/dicamba.
  • Harmony SG and Harmony Extra (numerous generic alternatives available)
  • Maestro.
  • MCPA.
  • Peak.

Will oats regrow after cutting?

Manage initial oat growth before it gets too tall. “Oats grows rapidly. Once it gets 5-6 in. tall, it quickly can shoot up to a foot tall in almost no time. As nice as this sounds, if initial oat growth gets that tall it may not stool out, tiller, and regrow after grazing very well.

When should oats be cut for Greenfeed?

Graze when oats reach 10 inches (25 cm). Not as good overall quality as barley for silage. Staggering the spring seeding date will spread out pasture production. Useful for swath grazing or as silage or greenfeed.

What is oatlage made of?

Oatlage is a fermented hay that is made of oats. The oats are cut as a forage crop, baled wet and wrapped in plastic. We decided to grow our own oatlage for two reasons: the summers have been challenging regarding getting dry hay made

What is oatlage and how to ferment it?

The idea of fermenting oatlage is similar to shredded cabbage being packed into a jar then fermenting into sauerkraut. The reason the cabbage ferments (instead of spoiling), is the air restriction, just like the oatlage. The oats that are commonly grown for the grain (in our area that is Jerry Oats), can be used for oatlage.

What type of oats are used for oatlage?

The oats that are commonly grown for the grain (in our area that is Jerry Oats), can be used for oatlage. However, if the planned harvesting of the oats is for forage, most farmers would plant a forage variety of oats.

What is the best way to wrap an oatlage?

Wrap in the tube On a side note, if you are looking for speed in completing the process of wrapping your oatlage, the tube wrap is the way to go. It is super fast to tube wrap bales compared to individually wrap them. You’ll need to know where you are getting the wrapper from before you cut the oats.