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Can you live a normal life with CMT?

Can you live a normal life with CMT?

With early diagnosis and taking the necessary care, most people with CMT will live a normal life without much difficulty, although there is no denying the fact that some people have severe debilitating problems throughout their lives. Life expectancy is not usually shortened.

Is CMT disease fatal?

CMT is not a fatal disease. Most people with it live to a normal age and remain active. In rare cases, it may affect the muscles you need to breathe. Because this can be especially dangerous at night, you may need a nighttime breathing assistive device.

How does Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease affect everyday life?

If arms and hands are affected, grasping handles, zipping or buttoning clothing, and even brushing teeth or hair may be a challenge. Finally, CMT can cause more general problems such as numbness, burning, itching, and overall fatigue.

Are they working on a cure for CMT?

There is no cure for Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease. Nor have scientists come up with any approved therapies to address the underlying causes of the genetic neurological disorder.

Does CMT shorten life expectancy?

CMT disease does not usually shorten the expected life span.

How fast does CMT progress?

In children with CMT, electrophysiological changes can be detected as early as 2 years of age, with abnormally small CMAPs and progressively worsening NCV until approximately 6 years of age when it stabilizes.

Does Charcot-Marie-Tooth get worse?

CMT is a progressive condition, which means the symptoms gradually get worse over time. This means it may be difficult to spot symptoms in young children who have CMT. Signs that a young child may have CMT include: appearing unusually clumsy and accident-prone for their age.

Does alcohol make CMT worse?

While moderate drinking does not usually cause ill effects to those with CMT, alcohol does affect balance and coordination, which may already be compromised in people with the condition.

Do people with CMT end up in wheelchairs?

Mobility difficulties Many people with CMT will not need a wheelchair or motorized scooter, but an older person with advanced CMT or someone with a severe type might require one of these to get around, especially when traversing long distances. Like AFOs, wheelchairs are not what they used to be.

What is the life expectancy of someone with CMT?

CMT isn’t usually life-threatening and rarely affects muscles involved in vital functions like breathing. People with most forms of CMT have a normal life expectancy.

Can exercise make CMT worse?

Synopsis: Unlike other neuromuscular disorders, physical exercise does not appear to worsen weakness in patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease.