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Can you get all characters in Chrono Cross?

Can you get all characters in Chrono Cross?

You can recruit them all by using the Chrono Cross, but you will have to unlock them first. That means when you start a new playthrough using the Chrono Cross you can get back the characters you already got in your previous game. Thus you will need to play the game multiple times in order to get them all.

Can you get Glenn and Kid?

Is it possible to recruit Glenn later in the game if you choose to save Kid early on? You can only get him by using the Chrono Cross to call the characters you unlocked in another playthrough. If you chose to save Kid, you will not get the Glenn of that game.

Who is the main character of Chrono Cross?

Serge Serge
Serge. Serge (セルジュ, Seruju) is the silent protagonist of Chrono Cross; his motions alongside the reactions of other players indicate that Serge talks with others, but none of Serge’s actual dialogue is shown outside of occasional dialogue trees.

Is it better to save Kid or not?

Saving Kid is probably the easier route, as one obtains the Astral Amulet earlier and can steal MoonGlasses from an upcoming optional boss (rather than her dropping them). Most people choose this path because of the last character, Glenn.

Can you get Dario in Chrono Cross?

Dario is a boss fought in Chrono Cross. After rescuing Riddel from Viper Manor in Another World, the Mastermune quest can be completed by defeating Dario. First, the party should visit Viper Manor and enter the area previously blocked by the Guillot and obtain the note from the trap chest.

Is Chrono Cross easy?

The Chrono Cross battle system is a tad difficult to learn at first so the game forces you into some handy tutorials. After getting the hang of it, it’s one of the better ones designed.

Who is the best character in Chrono Cross?

10 Best Characters From Chrono Cross

  1. 1 Glenn. If one refuses to help Kid at a point in the game, it may seem scummy, but it leads to a path.
  2. 2 Kid.
  3. 3 Harle.
  4. 4 Riddel.
  5. 5 Leena.
  6. 6 Guile.
  7. 7 Draggy.
  8. 8 Pip.

Who are the strongest characters in Chrono Cross?

Serge. Serge is still the best character in the game, as he should be. He has access to the strongest weapon in the game, which is his MasterMune swallow, and his critical damage can be absolutely obliterating to any ordinary enemy or even a boss.

Should I help Kid Chrono Cross?

Chrono Cross: Should You Save Kid It is recommended that players do not choose to actively save Kid during a first playthrough, instead selecting the “I don’t know” or “there’s nothing we can do” dialogue options.