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Can you fit a Macbook Air in a Kanken?

Can you fit a Macbook Air in a Kanken?

There’s no way you could fit a computer in a case in the slot of the original kanken, unless it was a macbook air, maybe. I have the newest 13 inch macbook which is just about the same depth as the air, and it barely fits with a hardcase on it.

Can you put laptop in Kanken Classic?

Classic Kånken, which went on sale for the first time in 1978, with a twist. This model has room for up to a 13” laptop in a special padded compartment at the back.

Does Macbook Pro fit in Kanken?

The Pink 15″ Laptop Kanken is available on their website. A 15″ Macbook Pro would fit in a Classic Kanken but there wouldn’t be any padding that the Kanken Laptop bags offer. 4 of 4 found this helpful.

Does a 2 inch binder fit in a Kanken?

Yes! Laptop, binders and big textbooks can all fit the full size Kanken Daypack. Super roomy and sturdy. And it is waterproof too.

What can you fit in a Kanken Classic?

Their volume is usually anywhere from 20-30 liters, but I do think that 16 is more than enough for school necessities. You can easily fit all your books and notebooks in there, and still have some space for your pencil case, tablet or whatever else you consider a necessity.

What size is the classic Kanken?

ROOMY: 16 L of storage space for everything you need and some things you don’t. Measures 14.9″ (38 cm) x 10.6″ (27 cm) x 5.1″ (13 cm). Weighs 0.7 lb.

Can a 13 inch laptop fit in a Kanken?

Which bag is best for MacBook?

  1. Matein travel MacBook Pro backpack – Editor’s choice.
  2. KROSER heavy-duty backpack – Best for travelers.
  3. MOSISO Mac sleeve – Stylish design.
  4. MANCIO business bag – Slim, and lightweight.
  5. Smatree backpack for MacBook – Strictly for business.
  6. NIDOO shoulder bag – Maximum versatility.
  7. BOPAI anti-theft Mac backpack – Feature-rich.

How do I protect my MacBook in my backpack?

Purchase a compact case that will protect your device in any backpacks or laptop bags. Don’t store your laptop in a backpack with food or drinks: Even a sealed bottle of water or a wrapped-up bag of food has the potential to leak.

Is Kanken classic good for school?

It’s decent enough for school and it even works well as a carry-on, since it’s basically weightless and you can fit a bunch of stuff in it. On the other hand, it’s pretty expensive for pretty much a piece of fabric. With so little pockets and extra features, it’s kind of hard to justify such a high price tag.

Can a Kanken classic fit a 15 inch laptop?

Kånken has developed since it went on sale for the first time in 1978. This model has room for up to a 15” laptop in a special padded compartment at the back.