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Can you cure vilkas after marriage?

Can you cure vilkas after marriage?

Yes I believe you can =. Some requirements should be met. You must have at least one Glenmoril Witch Head in your inventory. You must complete at least one Radiant Quest from Vilkas, after completing “Glory of the Dead” with a Glenmoril Witch Head in your inventory.

Can vilkas be a follower?

Vilkas is an esteemed member of The Companions guild in Whiterun. A loyal companion to his “Shield-Siblings,” Vilkas would be honored to join you as a follower once you’ve completed The Companions Quests. Vilkas is both a master Two-Handed Trainer and a Marriage prospect.

Can vilkas join the blades?

Upon completion of the Companions’ main plotline, Vilkas can be recruited as a follower and becomes a potential marriage candidate. He can be recruited into the Blades if the Dragonborn talks to Delphine while having him as a follower, or as a steward if the Hearthfire DLC has been installed.

Where does vilkas go after marriage?

Yeah all of the above Vilkas will have to walk in real time back home and he should go to Jorrvaskr (if you told him you’d live with him). Just go to Jorrvaskr and wait a couple hours or days.

Does Vilkas want to be cured?

Once the quest is over, Farkas/Vilkas will be cured of their lycanthropy and will offer the usual radiant quests.

Is Vilkas or Farkas better?

TL;DR As potential husbands, Farkas is great to leave at home, while Vilkas is probably better to make your follower. But it all comes down to personal preference.

Is Vilkas essential?

Farkas and Vilkas are unique in that the essential status of one can change based on the death of the other. During “Blood’s Honor.” During “The Silver Hand.” If “Glory of the Dead” is complete and Farkas is alive.

Can Vilkas be killed?

If he dies, he dies. You can load from an earlier save or use cheats to resurrect him maybe.

Can you get kicked out of the Companions?

Unfortunately you can’t leave a guild, but there is one way to make them not recognize you! First leave Whiterun (or whatever city your guild is in), wait 10 hrs, then go back and hit one of the members, after that, run away, leave the city, and repeat until they don’t recognize you as a guild member!

Will Aela Respawn if she dies?

The Creation Kit labels Aela as “Respawn: No.” I collected the data directly from the Creation Kit and applied it to the article. If she actually did /die/, what you’re experiencing is likely a bug.

Is vilkas essential?