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Can while Take two conditions?

Can while Take two conditions?

As seen on line 4 the while loop has two conditions, one using the AND operator and the other using the OR operator. Note: The AND condition must be fulfilled for the loop to run. However, if either of the conditions on the OR side of the operator returns true , the loop will run.

How do you put two conditions in a while loop?

Suppose in a while loop, you have two conditions, and any one needs to be true to proceed to the body, then in that case you can use the || operator between those two conditions, and in case you want both to be true, you can use && operator. By using if statements and logical operators such as &&, 11,!

How do you do a while loop in PowerShell?

In a PowerShell, the While loop is also known as a While statement. It is an entry-controlled loop. This loop executes the statements in a code of block when a specific condition evaluates to True….Examples

  1. PS C:\> while($count -le 5)
  2. >> {
  3. >> echo $count.
  4. >> $count +=1.
  5. >> }

Do While condition in PowerShell?

When we need to run a loop at least once, then we use the Do-while loop in a PowerShell. The Do-While loop is a looping structure in which a condition is evaluated after executing the statements. This loop is also known as the exit-controlled loop.

Can you have multiple conditions in a while loop C?

While Loops with multiple conditions You can chain together multiple conditions together with logical operators in C++ such as && (And operator) and || (Or operator).

Do while loops with or condition?

Contrast with the while loop, which tests the condition before the code within the block is executed, the do-while loop is an exit-condition loop. This means that the code must always be executed first and then the expression or test condition is evaluated. If it is true, the code executes the body of the loop again.

Can a while loop have two conditions Javascript?

It can consist of multiple sub-statements i.e. there can be multiple conditions. For as long as condition evaluates to true , the code written inside the while block keeps on executing. As soon as condition evaluates to false , the loop breaks.

Can we use logical operators in while loop?

Use of Logical operators in while loop -using AND(&&) operator, which means both the conditions should be true. – OR(||) operator, this loop will run until both conditions return false. – Here we are using two logical operators NOT (!) and AND(&&).

Do While VS until PowerShell?

PowerShell Do Until Loop The only difference is the condition where they run on. Do While keeps running as long as the condition is true. When the condition is false it will stop. Do Until keeps running as long as the condition is false.

Do-while Loops with or condition?

Should you use the while statement in Windows PowerShell?

One of the things that I see with people coming to Windows PowerShell from VBScript or some other language, is that they seem to like to use the While statement. While there is nothing wrong with While or Do While Loop, or even Do, these are not the easiest things to use in Windows PowerShell.

How do I run a while loop in PowerShell?

You then use the While keyword to begin the While loop. In Windows PowerShell, you must include the condition that will be evaluated inside a set of parentheses. For this example, you determine the value of the $i variable with each pass through the loop.

Should PowerShell statements be inside or outside the parentheses?

Although this is convenient from a typing perspective, it actually makes the code a bit confusing to read. In Windows PowerShell, the statement is outside the parentheses, and the condition is clearly delimited by the parentheses.

Is there a Wend statement in Windows PowerShell?

In Windows PowerShell, there is no Wend statement, and the action to be performed is positioned inside a pair of braces. Although shocking at first to user’s coming from a VBScript background, the braces are always used to contain code. This is what is called a script block, and they are used everywhere.