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Can I upgrade the RAM on my Asus laptop?

Can I upgrade the RAM on my Asus laptop?

The short answer is yes, but only if you have a notebook or desktop. A large majority of notebooks have 2 memory slots which can be upgraded with either one of two modules. Many of these are shipped with 2 low-density modules of matching capacity.

What is the maximum RAM for ASUS laptop?

Device Specifications
Number Of Memory Sockets 1
Maximum Memory 16GB
Maximum Memory Per Slot 8GB
Memory Form Factor DDR4

Is Asus x407m RAM upgradable?

You can upgrade your ASUS X407MA Laptop to up to a maximum memory capacity of 8GB Memory.

Is RAM upgradable in ASUS VivoBook?

Yes, the RAM is upgradeable.

Can I add 8GB RAM to 4GB Asus laptop?

If you want to add more RAM than that, say, by adding an 8GB module to your 4GB module, it’ll work but the performance of a portion of the 8GB module will be lower. In the end that extra RAM probably won’t be enough to matter (which you can read more about below.)

Can I add 16GB RAM to 4GB?

“You Can’t Mix RAM Sizes,” or “You Can’t Mix RAM Brands” Most laptops or computers come with at least two slots for RAM sticks, if not more. Most modern motherboards will provide four RAM slots. There’s a prevailing misconception you cannot use different RAM sizes together or that you cannot mix RAM brands.

What RAM does ASUS use?

In order to increase the RAM of your Asus laptop without breaking the bank, you will find in this section all the Asus computer RAMs, you have the choice between 2 GB memory sticks, 4 GB memory sticks, 8 GB memory sticks and 16 GB memory sticks, whether you are looking for a DDR3 or DDR4 model.

What is the RAM of Asus x407m?

X407 is powered by up to an Intel® Core™ i7 processor, with up to 16GB DDR4 RAM and NVIDIA® GeForce® MX130 graphics for smooth visuals. From daily computing tasks to entertainment, this versatile laptop has everything you need.

How many RAM slots does the Asus VivoBook have?

The Laptop has 2 Slots to install memory, already with 4GB standard memory installed. For best VivoBook 15 A542UR Laptop performance use the maximum amount of 16GB, fill all the slots with the max allowed memory per slot for your Laptop.

Can I use 8 and 16GB RAM together?

Yes you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it, as the 16GB will be used as 8GB to run dual-channel with the 8GB you likely already have, and the other half will be used as single-channel. It’s also better to have the same type of ram, as to not affect performance via the voltage, controllers and whatnot.

Can I use 4GB and 16GB RAM together?

Its possible, but there is a fairly large chance it wont work properly. Only RAM sold in kits is guaranteed to work together. You can use a single stick by itself if you have to, it wont run in dual channel so the performance will be a little slower, but its not going to be any better using the 4GB stick alongside it.

What are the specs of the Asus q550lf-bsi7t21?

Specifications of the Q550LF-BSI7T21#R##N##TAB#. Here’s the specs sheet of the Q550LF-BSI7T21. For comparison against other laptops, use the “Compare Specs” button. Brand. Asus. Screen size. 15.6-inch (most popular laptop screen size) Screen resolution.

What is the maximum memory supported by Asus q550lf?

I have an ASUS Q550LF with Ubuntu 14.04 (64 bit) installed. Show activity on this post. According to Crucial new address, the maximum memory supported by ASUS Q550LF Laptop/Notebook is 16GB—a kit with 2 slots, that is 8GBx2.

Does the GT 745M in the Asus q550 lags?

The GT 745M in the Asus Q550 lags between both 800M-series GPUs a lot. As for RAM memory, I don’t think you’ll see any benefit from getting 12GB of RAM instead of 8GB, since 8GB is already quite enough even for demanding tasks. I use a laptop with 4GB for my daily work including photo and video editing and had no RAM size related issues so far.