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Can I put my router on a shelf?

Can I put my router on a shelf?

Keeping your router on a shelf or somewhere higher will also help optimize the signal. Keep away from bodies of water. Keep your wireless router away from bodies of water like aquariums which can absorb some of the signal.

Can a router be wall mounted?

Wall-mounting can help you put your router in an optimal location with no other furniture. For example, a router can be mounted in a central closet or higher on the wall in a hallway. Luckily most routers will come with mounting holes on the bottom that will work easily with a couple of screws.

Can you put WIFI router in a cabinet?

Speaking of devices, steer clear of basic home appliances like cordless phones and microwaves that also can affect performance. 6. Don’t hide your router. Set it up out in the open, not tucked in a cabinet.

How do you hide the modem and router on a shelf?

The general idea is simple: storing modem and router in a woven basket with holes (like this one), then place it somewhere near the internet cable and power outlet. Alternatively, you can place them in a decorative open box (which is even better to prevent blocking the wifi signal!).

Can I put my router on a metal shelf?

Metal absorbs electromagnetic radiation, not reflect it. A router sitting on a shelf still has the directions above and around to send out signals. Only down would be a problem.

Where should you not put a router?

7. Don’t place it on the floor. Placing a router on the floor can dampen its performance, as the device is sending out signals that are immediately absorbed by the ground. Try elevating your router and placing it on a sideboard or shelf to achieve more comprehensive coverage.

Can you mount a router upside down?

It’s best to just mount it on the wall or put it in a higher place. We do not recommend putting it upside down.

Should I mount my router on the ceiling?

Consider even mounting the router on a wall or in a corner by the ceiling if you have two floors because radio waves generally spread out and towards the ground, not up. Think about putting your router on the second floor if you have one.

How do I hide my wireless router?

So take these suggestions with a grain of salt, do your own testing with signal and air circulation, and let us know how it goes.

  1. Put it in a Lidded Basket.
  2. Make a Metal Box for It.
  3. Turn it Into a Side Table.
  4. Stash it in a Countertop Basket.
  5. Hide it Behind a Frame.
  6. Create Faux Stack of Books.
  7. Mount it Up High.

How do I hide my router in plain sight?

5 Ways to Hide Your WiFi Router in Plain Sight

  1. Hide it in the Entertainment Center.
  2. Hide it behind other things.
  3. Make a decorative box.
  4. Get crafty and put it in a picture frame.
  5. The Ultimate DIY Book Cover.

How can I hide my router without blocking signal?

Do metal shelves interfere with Wi-Fi?

Anything that has metal, such as metal blinds, doors, furniture, infrastructure, and walls, can greatly diminish or completely terminate the WiFi signal. The more metal there is between your WiFi router and the connected device, the worse the WiFi signal will be.