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Can I put my fridge on wheels?

Can I put my fridge on wheels?

Yes, the wheels on a refrigerator will usually be adjustable. You can turn them clockwise/counterclockwise to make your appliance taller or shorter, which you should do before moving it.

How do you make a refrigerator movable?

Follow These Steps to Move a Fridge Safely

  1. Clean out and defrost the unit.
  2. Disconnect fridge according to the user manual.
  3. Measure fridge and doorways then create a moving plan.
  4. Remove obstacles like doors as necessary.
  5. Slide fridge out and strap onto the dolly.
  6. Tilt fridge back and move with care (slowly).

Do newer refrigerators have wheels?

Fortunately most refrigerators have wheels on the back for easy maneuvering. There are a few of different methods you can use to get your fridge across the floor without leaving a trail of scratch marks.

How do you slide out a fridge?

The best way to move your fridge away from the wall – and the safest way – is to grasp it on both sides of the door and gently scoot it forward, rocking it slightly from side to side and going slowly, step by step. Most people intimidated by the size of their fridge will find this works very well!

Can one person move a refrigerator?

Step 1: Have one of your helpers tilt gently the refrigerator to one side. Step 2: Place a slider under each castor or foot of your fridge. Step 3: Pull slowly the bulky appliance and it will start to slide effortlessly towards you without causing any damage to the floor.

What happens if my refrigerator is not level?

Why it fails: When a fridge isn’t perfectly level, those oils will have a tough time trying to reach all the nooks and crannies inside the system. As a result, those parts will not stay well-lubricated, and in a worst-case scenario, they may even overheat!

How do I shorten my refrigerator?

Use a straightedge to draw a line around the perimeter where the cabinet needs to be cut off. Use a circular saw to cut the cabinet one side at a time to shorten it. After you’ve cut through the cabinet, trim the bottom so it fits back on. Screw it back on from the bottom.