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Can I play Worms on Android?

Can I play Worms on Android?

Worms 2: Armageddon arrives on Android, iOS with asynchronous multiplayer. Victor H. Worms 2: Armageddon has landed on Android’s Google Play and Apple’s iPhone and iPad bringing you a lot of worm action and napalm.

Can you play worms on mobile?

Now available for Android, Worms3 is the latest in the award-winning series. Worms is a chaotic turn-based strategy game laced with dark humour.

Is worms WMD on mobile?

Worms is best on a computer… not mobile, not console… keyboard and mouse. Unlike Pokemon Go or whatever the new popular mobile game is, Worms doesn’t have a masive player base to justify taking the time to work on something like that.

What is WormNET?

WormNET is the on-line multi-player system for Worms Armageddon. See Using WormNET for a WormNET guide, and Etiquette for the social aspects of WormNET.

How many worms games are there?


1995 Worms
2011 Worms Ultimate Mayhem
2012 Worms Revolution
2013 Worms 3
Worms Clan Wars

Can you play Worms 3 with friends?

Worms™ 3 has been developed for OSX and allows Mac gamers to challenge friends on iOS devices. Also available to play on Android devices.

Is Worms W.M.D cross platform?

Worms W.M.D has enabled cross-platform multiplayer in the latest patch. Worms W.M.D [Official Site] has a new major patch out that allows Linux gamers to play with anyone cross Windows, Mac and Linux. I’m still highly surprised it came out without this feature, but it’s good they added it in.

Do worms have eye?

No, not really. Instead, they have cells called receptors that can sense whether it’s light or dark. This allows worms to tell if they’re underground or above ground.

Who created worm?

Robert Morris
On November 2, 1988, a computer science student at Cornell University named Robert Morris released the first worm onto the Internet from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Are worms free?

You can play Worms online here, in web browser for free!