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Can I open my Hormann garage door with my phone?

Can I open my Hormann garage door with my phone?

Basically, with this app, your smart phone acts like the door’s remote control. It is a free app that is compatible with Android smartphones and iPhone and it is available on both the Apple store as well as Google Play.

When I close my garage door it opens again?

If your garage door keeps going back up after you’ve closed it, the most common reason is because: The safety sensors are blocked. There are safety sensors at the bottom of your garage door. This infrared sensor passes a beam horizontally across the opening.

How do you change the code on a Hormann garage door opener?

Press and release the [Key] button 3 times • Enter 3 4 5 6 [valid access code] • Press and release the [Key] button. Enter a new access code (4 digits only). Press and release the [Key] button. After this the new code followed by pressing the [Key] button will operate the door.

What is Hormann BiSecur?

With the Hörmann BiSecur Gateway, you can conveniently control your garage and. entrance gate operators and your entrance door via your smartphone or tablet. In addition, the app also displays the position of your garage door and entrance. gate and the locking state of your entrance door*.

Where are Hormann garage doors made?

Operating globally, the family-owned business is Germany’s largest door producer and the fourth biggest door manufacturer in the world. Torck is in Deinze, Belgium the number one loyal dealership of many years. The company has 26 specialized plants in Europe, North America and Asia, and more than 6,000 personnel.

How to choose a Hörmann Supramatic garage door operator?

Compare the opening speed of the SupraMatic operator with conventional operators. Hörmann garage door operators are perfectly matched to the sectional garage doors and have been tested and certified in accordance with the TTZ directive “Break-in resistance for garage doors” by independent test institutes.

How does the Hörmann Supramatic work?

Open your door with the SupraMatic operator quickly and easily using a hand transmitter and drive directly from the street into your garage. Thanks to the standard Bluetooth receiver, you can also operate your door via the Hörmann BlueSecur app. This way you always carry your door opener with you on your smartphone.

How do Hörmann automatic garage doors protect against burglary?

Burglars have a tough time when it comes to Hörmann automatic garage doors: When the garage door is closed, the anti-lift kit automatically engages in the guide rail stop. The door locks immediately and is secured against forced opening.

What does the Supramatic operator come with?

The Supramatic operator comes as standard with 1 No 5-button hand transmitter (HS 5 BS) in Black and 1 No 4-button hand transmitter (HSE 4 BS) in Black textured surface. Quick release operated from the inside, connecting cable with CEE plug,integral garage light with factory set 2-minute light, radio-operated. Door security kit as safety device.