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Can I make Ubuntu look like Mac?

Can I make Ubuntu look like Mac?

Install a Mac GTK Theme The easiest way to make Ubuntu look like a Mac is to install a Mac GTK theme. Our top recommendation is the ‘macOS Mojave’ theme by Vinceluice. This is a near-enough pixel-perfect clone of Apple’s OS skin, and is available in light and dark versions.

How do I make Ubuntu 20.04 like Mac?

In this article, we will show you how to customize Ubuntu 20.04 to make it look somewhat like Mac OS….Turn it on as we will be using it further down the guide.

  1. Install Mac OS GTK Theme.
  2. Install Mac OS Icons.
  3. Change the Wallpaper.
  4. Add a Mac OS Dock.
  5. Change the System’s Font Style.

How do I make Ubuntu look like Mac Big Sur?

Make Ubuntu Look Like Mac with macOS Big Sur

  1. Launch the GNOME Tweak Tool.
  2. From the left column, select Appearance.
  3. In the Appearance section, there are options to select themes for Applications, Cursors, Icons, and Shell.
  4. Click on the drop-down menus next to Applications and select the WhiteSur theme of your choice.

How can I make Ubuntu 20.04 look better?

Customize Desktop

  1. Customize your Dock Panel.
  2. Create Desktop Shortcuts.
  3. Use GNOME Shell Extensions.
  4. Change Desktop Theme.
  5. Add Users.
  6. Sync Time and Change Timezone.
  7. Disable MOTD and News.
  8. Add More Fonts.

Which Linux distro is most like Mac?

Ubuntu Budgie. If you want the look and feel of macOS on top of Ubuntu, you can try Ubuntu Budgie.

  • Zorin OS / Zorin OS Lite (Pro Edition) Zorin OS 16 Lite Pro (Xfce)
  • CutefishOS (Early Development)
  • Trenta OS [Under Slow Development]
  • Is Ubuntu highly customizable?

    The Linux system has introduced several desktop environments for the Ubuntu operating system. All of them are well customized and keep the user’s preferences in mind.